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Group Wellness Program 60-DAY. SLOW AGING WITH The BluePrint for Life.

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1 Group Wellness Program 60-DAY

2 SLOW AGING WITH The BluePrint for Life

3 ‘If I’d known I was going to live so long, I’d have taken better care of myself’ (Eubie Blake, ragtime pianist)

4 Jeanne Calment the world’s longest-living person to date…died aged 122

5 Besse Cooper reported to be currently the world’s oldest-living person at 116

6 Slow aging with the BluePrint for Life Staying younger for longer means feeling better, reducing the risk of chronic disease, and getting more out of life. It can also mean living extra years or decades.

7 Slow aging with the BluePrint for Life Whether you are 5 years old, 50 years old or 100 years old – the BluePrint for Life is good for you. It is never too early or too late to start. Damage can be reversed by eating and doing the right things.

8 Slow aging with the BluePrint for Life


10 In the Longevity Hot Spots, people give themselves and their bodies what they need to be happy and healthy. The BluePrint for Life can help you to become Hot Spot Healthy. This means slowing your rate of aging and significantly reducing your risk of chronic disease. You should also find that minor aches and pains, mood swings, hormonal imbalances and cravings lessen or vanish. Larger illnesses and smaller illnesses all come from the same place – the body not getting what it needs. Most illnesses are linked. Doing the BluePrint for Life means that you can take your health into your own hands. Don’t leave it all to fate, or drugs.

11 Slow aging with the BluePrint for Life

12 It helps BALANCE blood 1 sugar and insulin LEVELS

13 Slow aging with the BluePrint for Life Symptoms of blood sugar imbalance: – sugar cravings – irritable when hungry – energy slumps mid-morning and mid-afternoon – headaches when hungry – carb cravings If you want to age quickly, have a blood sugar imbalance. If you want to age slowly, balance your blood sugar levels.

14 The blood sugar swing vicious cycle Eat something sweet – sugar and insulin levels go up too high – sugar levels go down too low – crave something sweet – and so on. Blood sugar and insulin swings cause accelerated aging to blood vessels and cells and increase the risk of chronic disease.

15 Insulin resistance Cells become insulin resistant – glucose is taken to fat cells – we put on weight easily. 75 per cent of the US population is now estimated to be obese. 300,000 deaths annually are thought to result from obesity (New England Journal of Medicine 2005). In a German study, the largest reduction in risk of getting chronic disease was having a Body Mass Index lower than 30.

16 Other effects of a high-sugar diet Glycosylation Shorter telomeres

17 Slow aging with the BluePrint for Life The BluePrint for Life can help you balance blood sugar and insulin levels through what you eat and do. The foods are low on the glycemic index – they release blood sugar slowly, so preventing spikes. You eat regular meals – so avoiding blood sugar troughs. Keeping moving regularly, and cultivating a healthy frame of mind, also help keep blood sugar levels even.

18 A low-sugar diet is key

19 It provides antioxidant POWER 2 Free radicals cause aging Millions of free radicals bombard us every day from pollution, the wrong food, toxins, and our internal energy-producing systems. The foods eaten in the BluePrint for Life provide protection from free radicals with plenty of antioxidant- rich foods.


21 Excess inflammation is closely linked to accelerated aging and chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Anti-inflammatory foods and activities are central to the BluePrint for Life. It is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY

22 4 It keeps CORTISOL levels DOWN

23 Levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, increase with age and stress. Cortisol is aging to brain cells, it undermines immune health, and speeds up bone loss. The BluePrint for Life keeps cortisol levels down by keeping blood sugar levels steady and helping prevent inflammation which leads to cortisol release. Low stress and regular exercise are also cortisol- lowering factors. It keeps CORTISOL levels DOWN

24 It keeps the 5 immune system STRONG

25 Our immune system declines with age, making us more susceptible to illness and chronic inflammation. We need immune bodies to destroy pathogens, old diseased cells, and cancer cells. The digestive system is central to good immunity. The BluePrint for Life helps the digestive system to function well. This means having one or two movements daily, having good digestive flora inhabiting the digestive tract, and not suffering from indigestion. The BluePrint for Life helps keep the immune system strong even as we age. It keeps the immune system STRONG

26 ACTIVITY How did you incorporate the 5 Principles of the BluePrint for Life this week?

27 NEXT WEEK: The key to slower aging The BluePrint for Life: and longer life

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