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Innovative Design Presented by: M. Y. Wong We easily come across terms such as: o Fashion design o Hair design o Interior design o Garden design. But.

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2 Innovative Design Presented by: M. Y. Wong

3 We easily come across terms such as: o Fashion design o Hair design o Interior design o Garden design. But what is design?

4 Design is everywhere Design is making things better for people. Design activity is focused on first and foremost on human behavior and quality of life. Design could be viewed as an activity that translates an idea into a blueprint for something useful

5 Definitions of Design: A design is the tangible outcome, ie the end product of the design process, for example a camera or car etc Design is a creative activity Design is a process by which information is transformed into a tangible outcome

6 What is Innovation? Innovation is the first appearance or use of a particular practice. It is the commercially successful exploitation of ideas. This definition associates innovation with a tangible outcome.

7 What is Innovation (Cont.)? Successful innovation is about creating value. It does so either by improving existing goods, processes or services (incremental innovation), or by developing goods, processes or services of value that have not existed previously (radical innovation). However, both kinds of innovation require to do the following: have an understanding of and insights into consumer needs develop imaginative and novel solutions

8 What is Innovation (Cont.)? In addition, innovation is generally associated with the following: the willingness to take risk accepting high levels of ambiguity and uncertainty original thinking a passion to drive the idea through to conclusions the ability to inspire passion in others

9 As a result … Good innovative design can significantly add value to product, lead to growth in sales and enable both the exploitation of new markets and the consolidation of existing ones.

10 Core process of product innovation … New products which meet Customer satisfaction Investments Technological Innovations Customer Needs

11 * concept/ specification * generation of ideas * preliminary screening * feasibility testing * evaluation * development * pilot production * preliminary product test * marketing plan * test marketing * production plant development * market launch Typical elements in the product innovation process …

12 Key routines in capturing market signals … define boundaries of market understand market dynamics Routines for understanding market signals … market forecasting working with users

13 Market signals … continuing interaction with users communicating user perspectives within the organization ‘voice of the customer’ techniques - e.g. quality function deployment Brainstorming

14 Technology signals … technological forecasting external links active search

15 Rapid Prototyping … Mocking up working models helps everyone visualize possible solutions and speeds up decision-making and innovation.

16 Refining … Narrows down the choices to one possibility. Implementation … Bring engineering, industrial design capabilities to bear when actually creating a product.

17 An Innovative Product - Emergency flashlight, the world's most reliable flashlight, guarantees light without batteries, forever !

18 Marketing signal – a strong desire for a perpetual and handy light source Technology signals – we have new components available o space saving and long life white LED as light source o tiny and yet high capacitance “Super Cap” as secondary power source Strong engineering and industrial design capabilities o developed the small and efficient power generator as primary power source o elegant and ergonomic product outlook Behind the success …

19 Faraday’s Law o Shaking the torch causes a high strength magnet to pass back and forth between a wire coil, inducing EMF across the wire coil o the induced EMF is stored in the “Super Cap” o the white LED drains power from the “Super Cap” Working Principle … magnet coil bumper

20 CREATIVITY is a key element in innovative design … Characteristics of the creative personality: they are thought to be rebellious and independent. they are curious they are imaginative they are knowledgeable they have high observation power they are humorous they are focus

21 Students can be fostered to be creative… In order to be creative, train students to view things in new ways or from a different perspective. Encourage students to generate new possibilities or new alternatives in solving problems Encourage students to communicate ideas and values Teach students the art of observation Help students to build up their knowledge base

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