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Asia Future Internet Forum - Summary - AsiaFI Steering Group

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1 Asia Future Internet Forum - Summary - AsiaFI Steering Group

2 Table of Contents Objective Activities Organization Structure Meetings
Remark/Issue Reference Appendix 1: AsiaFI Participation Appendix 2: AsiaFI School Participation Statistics Appendix 3: Future Internet Activities in Asia

3 1. Objective Network Common on Future Internet Research
Network of Excellence Development Joint Research Activity

4 2. Activities Event Technical Groups Joint Research Testbed

5 2.1 Events Annual Summer Meeting with School, Workshop, and Group Meeting Winter Meeting Workshops

6 2.2 Technical Groups Working Group(WG)
Architecture & Building Blocks WG Testbed WG Birds of Feather(BoF) NDN(Named Data Network) BoF Mobile & Wireless BoF Recursive Network BoF Mail Group(MG) Network(ing) Science MG

7 2.3 Joint Research Facilitate Joint Research in Asia.
Coordinate Joint Research in Asia.

8 2.4 Testbed AsiaFI is the user of FI testbed primarily.
AsiaFI coordinate testbed activities with other FI organizations around the world. AsiaFI may operate its own testbed through its technical groups such as NDN BoF and Mobile & Wireless BoF.

9 3. Organization Structure
General Assembly Board Steering Group Technical Groups(WG, BoF, MG) Secretariat

10 4. Meetings (2007~2009) First AsiaFI Preparation Meeting Seoul AsiaFI Inaguration Meeting Honolulu AsiaFI School AsiaFI School & Workshop Jeju Workshop on Fundamental Issues of Future Internet Qingdao AsiaFI School & Workshop Beijing AsiaFI-APAN Joint Workshop on FI Testbed Kaohsiung AsiaFI School & Workshop AsiaFI-AINTEC Joint Workshop on Future Internet Bangkok

11 4. Meetings(2010~2011) 2010.2 AsiaFI School & Workshop Seoul
Yokohama AsiaFI Workshop Hong Kong AsiaFI School Daejeon AsiaFI Workshop(pending) Bangkok

12 5. Remark/Issue 1. AsiaFI activity requires bigger overhead than national activity, and AsiaFI needs to concentrate on areas where return on investment is very good. We should also make AsiaFI effort more productive to offset the overhead. 2. AsiaFI need to look into synergy and symbios among its participants. 3. We may look into fair share on open research on the future internet. 4. Many people are very busy, and we have to take this factor into consideration. 5. Shall AsiaFI give up on the graduate education as it originally planned?

13 Reference APAN AsiaFI CNGI FI Assembly FIF FIND/FI Architecture FIRE GENI WIDE NWGN-Forum

14 Appendix 1: AsiaFI Participation
14 Countries 45 Institutions with MoU 500~1000 Participants(2008~2011) 200~400 Student Participants

15 Appendix 2: AsiaFI School Participation Statistics
Seoul Jeju Beijing Jeju Seoul Yokohama Daejeon Kyoto

16 Appendix 2.1: Seoul AsiaFI School 2008.2
4 Countries 20 Institutions 19 Students with presentation 64 Participants 133 Tutorial participants(with FIF Camp)

17 Appendix 2.2: Jeju AsiaFI School 2008.8
7 Countries 25 Students with Presentation 55 Participants(Students, Lecturers, Others) 175 Tutorial Participants(with FIF Camp)

18 Appendix 2.3: Beijing AsiaFI School 2009.1
6 Countries 28 Students with Presentation 50 Participants(Students, Lecturers, Others) 100 Tutorial Participants

19 Appendix 2.4: Jeju AsiaFI School 2009.8
6 Countries 19 Students with Presentation 51 Participants(Students, Lecturers, Others) 150~200 Tutorial Participants(with FIF Camp)

20 Appendix 2.5 Seoul AsiaFI School 2010.2
5 Countries 20 Student Presentations - 12 Short Papers - 8 Poster Papers 46 Students 61 Total Participants

21 Appendix 2.6: Yokohama AsiaFI School 2010.8
9 countries 10 student with presentations 23 student participants 73 participants

22 Appendix 3: Future Internet Activities in Asia
Overview China Japan Korea

23 Appendix 3.1: Asia - Overview
China, Japan and Korea actively engage on Future Internet research activities. AsiaFI was founded in 2008 after 6 months preparation Other countries in Asia are looking into Future Internet research activities lately.

24 Appendix 3.2: Future Internet in China
CNGI 2003~ 2008 CERNET2, CSTNET, China Telecom,.. IPv6-based Remark: Next phase(2010s) projects are under development now.

25 Appendix 3.3: Future Internet in Japan
NWGN Project NICT with NWGN Forum(2007 ~ ) Companies NEC, NTT,… Universities Various universities with public funding WIDE Project Universities, Companies, Institutes,….

26 Appendix 3.4: Future Internet in Korea
Future Internet Forum, 2006~ International Conference Working Groups Research Institute(ETRI,..) Working on FI and FN projects Companies(KT, Samsung,..) Working on FI project Universities Funding by the government and industry

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