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Chip Millard FHWA Office of Freight Management and Operations May 15, 2013.

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1 Chip Millard FHWA Office of Freight Management and Operations May 15, 2013

2 State Freight Advisory Committees – MAP-21 Provisions U.S. DOT shall encourage each state to establish a freight advisory committee (Section 1117) Committee shall consist of public and private sector stakeholders, including representatives from the state DOT, local governments, freight carriers, shippers, ports, and freight- related associations Roles of the state freight advisory committee include: Advising state on freight-related priorities, issues, projects, and funding needs Serving as a forum for state transportation decisions impacting freight mobility Communicate and coordinate regional priorities with other organizations Promote information sharing between the public and private sectors on freight issues Participate in the development of a statewide freight plan MAP-21: Freight Transportation 2

3 State Freight Advisory Committees – Who Should Participate? Committee participants will vary from state to state Depends on what freight movements are significant in the state Should try to have all major freight modes (trucking, railroads, maritime, air cargo, and/or pipelines) with a large presence in the state involved Should try to have major manufacturers and other companies heavily reliant on freight transportation within the state involved Ways to identify potential members Reach out to companies and businesses involved in previous state planning efforts (like state freight plan or state transportation plan) Review business journals and other business-oriented publications Contact state or regional Economic Development offices, state or regional Chambers of Commerce, or other similar organizations Contact freight-oriented professional organizations (CSCMP, APICS, etc.) MAP-21: Freight Transportation 3

4 State Freight Advisory Committees – How Can Participants Be Engaged? Make sure there is two-way communication Can allow members to make presentations during Freight Advisory Committee meetings Many existing Freight Advisory Committees set aside time for brief reports that allow members to share their current activities Allow the private sector freight stakeholders to have direct input into major freight-related projects or studies At least one existing Freight Advisory Group allows its members to select freight studies to fund via a survey of its members Potentially conduct periodic site visits to members’ facilities Allows participants to better understand the freight needs Enables the member hosting the visit to “show off” their operations MAP-21: Freight Transportation 4

5 State Freight Advisory Committees – Existing Guidance Resources Reach out to other states or MPOs in your state that have existing Freight Advisory Committees National Highway Institute courses Engaging the Private Sector in Freight Planning (NHI 139009) Integrating Freight into the Transportation Planning Process (NHI 139006) Advanced Freight Planning (NHI 139003) Other courses/resources Financing Freight Improvements (FHWA Freight Office course) MAP-21: Freight Transportation 5

6 Thank You Chip Millard FHWA Freight Office Website: MAP-21: Freight Transportation 6

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