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Or… Breeching the generational divide to enhance collaboration in order to improve instruction.

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1 Or… Breeching the generational divide to enhance collaboration in order to improve instruction.

2  Identify the four generations and their characteristics, values, and workplace preferences and behaviors.  Determine how you may facilitate each generation to enhance collaboration. 2

3  Generational differences are one aspect of diversity.  The generation we grow up in is just one of the influences on adult behavior.  Over generalizations of generations leads to stereotypes. 3

4 Matures Boomers Gen Xers Millennials 1922-1946 1946-1964 1965-1980 1980-2000 4

5  Take quiz.  Huddle Up.  Come to consensus on major world events that influenced your lives. 5

6  The events and conditions each of us experience during our formative years help shape our values, ideas, work methods, and ways of communicating. 6

7 Matures Lived through WWII: duty, honor, sacrifice, respect for authority Boomers Lived through Civil Rights Movement & space travel: Optimism, involvement, teamwork Millennials Live in Digital Age with constant reinforcement: Think more globally, multi-task, ( Time = currency) team oriented, need feedback Generation X Lived through computer revolution, mothers in the workplace, energy crisis, Challenger disaster: Self-reliant, techno-savvy, fun and informal, seek balanced life 7

8 8

9 9 N=9822

10  Respect authority  Loyal  Understand paying dues  Want respect for their institutional wisdom  May be insulted by continuous feedback Apprentice Leader 20 yrs. 10

11  Workaholics - defined by work  Competitive – display their success  Like the process of teamwork  Want occasional feedback  Fear replacement 11

12  Self-reliant  Minimal supervision desired  Balance in work and family  Like to have fun at work  Technologically savvy  Approach authority casually 12

13  Confident  Sociable  Resilient  Appreciate diversity  Appreciate teamwork  Know what they want and usually get it 13

14  Clear expectations  Clear lines of authority  Don’t like being rushed  Appreciate company history - “We used to…”  Phones, memos, face-to-face communication 14

15  Discussion as a means of problem solving  Want to be asked for input: “Call me anytime.”  One-on-one coaching to improve performance  Phones and face-to-face communication  Recognize with certificates and salary 15

16  Aren’t afraid to ask questions of authority, but don’t want to be micro-managed  Don’t do workplace politics  Respect must be earned  Respect life outside of work  Live by cell phone, but only call about work at work  Feedback needs to be immediate and continuous  Recognize with time off 16

17  Committed to dedicated causes  Want clear expectations  Set goals and strategies  Discussion groups  One-on-one coaching  Communicates through internet, text, Facebook, and Twitter  Recognition and feedback same as Gen X 17

18  Know generational characteristics of your teams  Respect the differences  Plan for and use strengths 18

19  In pairs consider the work assets and liabilities of each generation.  Develop two examples for enhancing cross generation collaboration.  Be ready to share your results. 19

20 Matures and Boomers want respect for experience and like face to face communication. Pair with Millennials who need regular feedback and can share technology skills. 20

21  All generations appreciate clear guidelines.  Communicate using multiple methods.  Differentiate recognition.  Manage all differences in ways that promote respect for everyone. 21

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