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Curriculum for Excellence in Ardnahoe Nursery School.

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1 Curriculum for Excellence in Ardnahoe Nursery School

2 Curriculum for Excellence in Ardnahoe Nursery School is based on the values of Respect Responsibility Independence Inclusion Partnership Progression

3 Curriculum for Excellence at Ardnahoe Nursery School develops Confident Individuals Successful Learners Responsible Citizens Effective Contributors

4 The Learner and the Four Capacities at Ardnahoe Nursery School Confident Individuals Self Respect Healthy Secure about themselves Ambitious Be part of our team Active Express their thoughts Independent Safe risk takers Achievers Successful Learners Enthusiastic Determined Inquisitive Literate and Numerate Using Technology Creative Independent Team player Reason Link Learning Responsible Citizens Respectful Be part of our school community Learn about the World and Scotland Know about people in our world Good decision makers Know about our changing world Share their opinions with others Effective Contributors Enterprising Resilient Self Reliant Ambassadors of our school Team player Lead Apply their learning Problem Solvers

5 Curriculum for Excellence at Ardnahoe Nursery School is carried out through Our Ethos Friendships Pride in our School Pride in Toryglen, Glasgow and Scotland Charity Work Partnerships Community Curriculum Areas Health and Wellbeing Literacy and English Numeracy and Mathematics Expressive Arts Religious and Moral Education Sciences Social Studies Technologies Learning by Following our interests Celebrating Festivals and Cultural Events Being part of our Community Learning and working with others Personal Achievement Flexibility Relationships Determination Challenging Encouraging Head Teacher Awards

6 The Learning and Teaching at Ardnahoe Nursery School is carried out through Engagement and Active Indoors and outdoors Children’s use of areas Stimulating resources Feedback Buddy system Adult/child Interaction Balance of structured/self chosen experiences Challenging Goals Knowledge of children Information from home Building on knowledge, skills and attitude Shared Expectations and Standards Planning based on children’s interests Whole team planning Buddy planning Success criteria Evaluation of learning Learning Intentions Plan, do and review process Children’s planning meeting Short Term Plan for all Collaboration Keyworker and child Staff members Small groups Large groups Specialist adults Community visitors Reflecting on learners Planning Observation Keyworker interaction Children’s evaluations Keyworker evaluation

7 Children in Ardnahoe Nursery School are entitled to experience Skill Development How to learn How to be independent To prepare for the future A Coherent Curriculum through Relationships with partner nurseries Relationships with primary schools Relationships with parents A Broad General Education In all Curriculum areas Ongoing learning Experiences Planned learning experiences Learning outdoors Learning about our world Achievement Through personal learning plans Work towards Head Teacher Awards Documenting progress Opportunities to learn about other places to learn Our children work beside school, college and university students during their placements with us

8 We support the purposes of learning at Ardnahoe Nursery School by Assessment Plan, do and review process Identifying progression Profiling Learning targets in support plans Self Evaluation and Accountability Monthly curriculum monitoring Tracking children’s progress Reporting to parents in term 2 and 4 Working with colleagues from other establishments Professional Development Membership of Professional Bodies Review of keyworker’s practice Annual review of training requirements of each adult Responsibility for curriculum areas Keyworkers provide specialist support to colleagues Training to support individual children

9 Curriculum for Excellence at Ardnahoe Nursery School is designed to provide Challenge and Enjoyment Layout of playrooms Access to resources Range of experiences Planned learning experiences Plan, do and review process Progression Keyworker and buddy system Access to all adults Plan, do and review process Evaluation of learning Profile of learning Celebrating success Depth Flexible period of learning Confident keyworkers Learning together Time and resources to explore further Opportunity to apply learning Breadth Access to all curricular areas in playrooms Planning across curricular areas Learning indoors and outdoors Learning out with our nursery Personalisation and Choice Children led planning Access to resources Children’s interests followed Decision making process Coherence Plans based on previous observations Learning from previous experience Relevance Learning in real life contexts Ability to apply learning Share learning with others

10 Personal Support in Curriculum for Excellence at Ardnahoe Nursery School is provided by Reviewing Learning Plan, do and review process Profile books Tracking meetings Wellbeing meetings Planning for Personal Achievement Head Teacher awards Adult/child relationships Plan, do and review process Sharing learning with others Planning meetings Additional support plans Preparing and Supporting Choices and Change Individual induction Adult/child relationships Buddy keyworker system Reports Links with primary schools Links with other establishments Flexible service Meeting Learners Needs Working with other schools Working with specialists Flexible sessions Additional support plans Wellbeing meetings Planning meetings Working with Partners Kingspark Learning Community Glasgow Life Place2Be Urban Roots HomeStart Toryglen Kitchens Toryglen Community And many more

11 This is what we learn about Numeracy and Mathematics Number, Money and Measure Shape, Position and Movement Information Handling Expressive Arts Performing Music Art and Design Drama Dance Literacy and English Listening and Talking Reading Writing Religious and Moral Education Christianity World Religions Development of Beliefs and Values Technologies Technological Developments in Society ICT to Enhance Learning Business Computing Science Food and Textiles Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics Sciences Planet Earth Forces, Electricity and Waves Biological Systems Materials Topical Science Social Studies People, Past Events and Societies People, Place and Environment People in Society, Economy and Business Health and Wellbeing Mental, Emotional, social and Physical Wellbeing Planning for Choices and Change Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport Food and Health Substance Misuse Relationships

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