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2 Definition of Independent Learning
“Independent Learning focuses on creation of the opportunities and experiences necessary for students to become capable, self-reliant, self-motivated and life-long learners. What is desired are students who value learning as an empowering activity of great personal and social worth.” “Learner independence is also known by a number of other terms: learner autonomy, independent learning, lifelong learning, learning to learn, thinking skills (Sinclair, 2001).”

3 Independent Learning Stimulates greater reflection and promotes the continuing growth of students' capabilities and powers. Takes different forms for different students and it varies according to subject matter and students' interests and abilities in the subjects.

4 Characteristics of Independent Learners
Self-reliant. Can make informed decisions about their learning. Aware of their strength and weaknesses. Connect classroom learning with the real world. Take responsibility for their own learning.

5 Plan their learning and set goals.
Intrinsically motivated by making progress in learning Often reflect on learning process and their own progress. Know about different strategies for learning.

6 The importance of developing independent learners.
Learners require independence as a life skill, to assist them in preparing for new situations and experiences. Encourages students' own interests and their desire to learn. Has implications for responsible decision making, as individuals are expected to analyse problems, reflect, make decisions and take purposeful actions.

7 The methods and strategies of developing Independent Learner
Learning environment. Relationship between teacher and student. Teaching and modeling skills: -Modeling and practicing learning skills. -Transfer of responsibility from teacher to learner. -Knowledge and understanding of students. -Collaborative instructional techniques. Support and encouragement to students.

8 Independent Learning : Malaysian Context
Malaysia intends to transform its educational system, in line with and in support of the nation’s drive to fulfill Vision 2020. Implementation Of Smart Schools.



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