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Mortise Locks Created by M.Martin 9/05. Types - your Ref: P45 of textbook.

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1 Mortise Locks Created by M.Martin 9/05

2 Types - your Ref: P45 of textbook

3 Review parts of a mortise lock on P 46 of textbook

4 Installing the lock

5 Hold the lock at the required height Mark edges of lock as a guide on face of door Also mark height of spindle position and keyhole if a lock set

6 Use a square and bring these lines to door edge Continue lines around door edge to show the position for mortise

7 Find centre of door edge Mark a central guide line down the door edge Width of lock can bee marked on edge from here

8 You can use a combination square to gauge depth for spindle hole If mortise lock has a cover plate, allowance must be made for this

9 Transfer measurement to door face Mark both sides of door At this stage you can also use same process to mark keyhole on face, if applicable

10 Wedge bottom of door tight Use an auger or speed bore to drill bulk of mortise Ensure you keep the drill level

11 Either now or on completion of mortise, drill spindle and key holes Drill from both sides so that you don’t split the timber on the door

12 Complete mortise with a chisel Use appropriate sized mortise chisel for this A paring or firmer chisel to clean final edges

13 Push lock into hole Check if square Check spindle and key holes are aligned Trace face plate with sharp pencil

14 Remove lock Carefully chisel correct size of plate Remember if cover plates are being used, this will be deeper

15 Reposition lock Face plate should be flush with door Or place cover plate plate over, this being flush Screw into position, pilot drill holes first

16 Finish lock screwed into position

17 Fitting The Lever Handles

18 Initially position spindle through door Check positioning is free from obstruction

19 Fit one handle on, hold in the correct position Use a bradawl to position screw holes

20 Remove handle Pilot hole first

21 Position handle & screw in place Fit screws to ensure handles stay level Top corner, then diagonally opposite bottom corner etc Repeat process for other side

22 Fitting Striking Plate

23 Close door onto jamb Use pencil to mark top & bottom of latch & lock on jamb Accuracy is very important

24 Open door continue marks around onto the face of the jamb

25 With door open, measure depth of latch & lock A combination square is good for this

26 Transfer depth measurement onto face of jamb With vertical lines between previous marks

27 Hold strike plate in position Mark around plate to give exact position

28 Chisel out inside the latch and lock guidelines and the external guideline for the strike plate. Position the strike plate, drill pilot holes and then screw it in place


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