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Notes from CASE Social Media Wednesday | June 12, 2012.

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1 Notes from CASE Social Media Wednesday | June 12, 2012

2 Participating Orgs/Schools mStoner-communications strategy for higher ed University of Texas at Austin Cornell University Loyola University Chicago Northwestern University Webster University

3 Good Ideas Facebook – Setting goals around engagement, not fundraising (Success stories limited mostly disaster relief and Obama 08) – Getting graduating seniors to join your Facebook page – Live streaming big campus events – Latch on to specific stories over a period of time – Young alumni tend to latch on to specific emotional connections rather than institutional news; Use nostalgia

4 Good Ideas Twitter – Tweeter feeds from the university president or a beloved professor work really well – #RightNow hashtags, where users tweet what they are doing right now, have worked really well – Syracuse tweets from a person rather than the institution LinkedIn – Career services office have seen a lot of success on LinkedIn – Check to see that every group members is an alumni

5 Good Ideas – Popular platform for streaming live events Instragram – Instagram photo contests are very popular YouTube – Consistently monitor videos that students have posted, and reuse this content

6 Bad Practices Stop adopting new technology for the sake of it Stop starting new accounts Stop inappropriately using third party posting tools Outsourcing social media to outside agencies Blogs - Ban 'X ways to do this' or Questions that have obvious answers 'Should you be on Facebook'? Posts for the sake of posts, without content

7 Analytics Goal Setting Increase engagement by _% Drive x number of people to website Drive x number to gifts Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Feedback, likes, follows, pageviews, conversions

8 Analytic Tools Google Analytics Social Interaction Tracking - tracks what content is shared on your website Google URL builder - sets up specific campaigns - content+source of traffic+ specific links Facebook Insights People talking about this - someone has shared a piece of content from your site Engaged users - number of people who clicked or view a post Real value is in exported data Klout and Kred measure Twitter engagement and reach

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