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 Celebrating 40 Years of ECFE in Minnesota… …and 30 Years of ECFE in Spring Lake Park School District.

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1  Celebrating 40 Years of ECFE in Minnesota… …and 30 Years of ECFE in Spring Lake Park School District

2  Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is a universal educational program for all Minnesota families with children between the ages of birth and kindergarten.  Parents are an integral focus of ECFE because research shows that early childhood programs involving both parents and children are more effective than programs focusing exclusively on children.

3 Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) recognizes that parents are their child’s first and most important teachers. ECFE offers families many hands-on learning experiences that will nourish a lifetime of teachable moments.

4 Six original ECFE programs -  Ahead of its time, the 1974 Minnesota Legislature began the piloting of Early Childhood Family Education with an appropriation of $230,000 for six local programs.  Spearheaded by Senator Jerome Hughes, who had a doctoral degree in education administration, ECFE is grounded in research.  Linked the quality of children’s development from birth to kindergarten with later school success.

5 Strong Support from Parents  The Council on Quality Education (CQE) grant- funded ECFE pilot programs from 1974 to 1983.  In that time, ECFE grew from six programs to 36 programs.  Parents hosted legislators in local programs, wrote letters, made telephone calls, and testified in legislative hearings about ECFE.


7  In the fall of 1984, Preschool, “Latch-Key” (to become Kids’ Club) and the “Joy of Parenting” (pre-ECFE) all started in Spring Lake Park School District.  “Joy of Parenting” (JOP) was housed at Westwood Elementary. Three classes were started.  By 1989, the number of families in JOP jumped from 90 to 217!

8 Vintage Photos:


10  Today, ECFE is available statewide and serves over 310,000 parents and children annually.  Early Childhood Family Education is a program unique to Minnesota that offers parents the opportunity to "go to school" and learn along with their child.

11 Together, parents and children, newborn to kindergarten age, participate in activities and experiences that foster each child’s social-emotional, cognitive, physical, and language/communication skills.

12 Did You Know?  Half of the ECFE staff in Spring Lake Park Schools have 20+ years of service to the school district.  That’s over 110 years of experience teaching and working with infants, toddlers, preschoolers and parents!

13  Parent-Child Interaction Time  Parent Education Time  Children’s Activity Time

14 Time where parent and child together enjoy a classroom filled with developmentally appropriate learning activities.


16 Parent education is a vital component of ECFE-- Together with a family educator, adults share ideas and concerns, discuss relevant topics and feel encouraged by the support of others. Come for Your Child, Stay for Yourself!

17 During parent education time, children explore, gain independence, and practice social skills while under the supervision of a licensed children’s teacher and a paraprofessional.

18  Reading aloud from birth is the single most important thing a parent or caregiver can do to improve a child’s readiness to read and learn.  ECFE encourages ALL parents to read to their children every day.


20 Every $1 invested in early education produces a 7-10% return. From:

21 Learning begins at birth and Early Childhood Family Education is an investment in our children and families. All Minnesota families, regardless of education, income, or ethnicity, benefit from attending.

22  “The ECFE teachers are knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. They really care about my family.”  “I feel that I am a much better and more patient parent because of attending ECFE. Thank you so much!”  “Absolutely LOVE ECFE class. Amazing! This is the place that keeps me sane.”  “ECFE has been an indispensable part of my children’s early learning experiences. I depend on the information and support I get from the parent educators”

23 “I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for my family and I. You’ve sat there listening to my problems and concerns. You don’t look down on me because I made bad choices and you have always given me positive encouragement not bad. You have given me a lot of helpful advice and information. I just wanted you to know that I do appreciate everything you have done for us.” Grateful Mom, 2003


25 As ECFE celebrates this important milestone, 40 years of leadership in Minnesota, we also are gearing up for the next 40 years of educating the state’s youngest learners AND their parents.

26 …to everyone in Minnesota who has been involved throughout the years in making Early Childhood Family Education a well- renowned educational program that supports families with young children.

27  ECO – ECFE Coordinated Outreach for Powerpoint template  Some information retrieved from: and  Pam Klemz and Linda Bader for early SLP ECFE photos  Barb Saunders for the design of this presentation Early Childhood Family Education


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