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Cement plant 1.5 / 1.2 / 0.6 Mio TPA Brand NEW. World cement production 2012 Source: Wikipedia.

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1 Cement plant 1.5 / 1.2 / 0.6 Mio TPA Brand NEW

2 World cement production 2012 Source: Wikipedia

3 Scope of delivery: -Feasibility including quantity ratio development, analysis of raw materials; -Creating of basic engineering; -Creating of construction layout – as built documentation, -Delivery of the complete plant equipment; -Delivery of automation system – process control unit; -Delivery of elektrical kits – all wires and cables; -Delivery of a cement lab including station for quality monitoring; -Erection of the entire plant on civil work prepared groundings; -Taking in funktion – set and run up the completed plant; -Training of the customer‘s operating staff; -Handing over of operation manuals and trouble shooting guidlines; -One year full replacement warranty.

4 Scope of erection: - Erecting of the entire plant by an experienced team of the main supplier; - Erecting under supervision of an experienced German engineering team; - Erection will be done only in safe countries; - The numbers of engineers and build-up staff will be paid by the seller, but have to be hosted by the purchaser; - In case of build-up in a unsafe country have to be veriefied separate instalment plans between the parties; Delivery does not include: - Delivery and transportation from the customer‘s harbour to the erection place; - Civil work; - Any house-building work; - Any steel frame work, except from the supplied steel construction; - Lightning protection.

5 1Quarry 2Crushers 3Raw material homogenization 4Aggregates 5Raw material silos 6Chimney 7Electrical filter 8Raw material vertical mill 9Raw grist silo 10Evaporation cooler 11Filter alkali bypass 12Mixer for alkali bypass 13Cyclon preheater 14Coal 15Coal grist mill 16Filter for coal mill 17Tube cooler 18Filter clinker cooler 19Clinker cooler 20Rotary kiln 21Clinker silo 22Gypsum 23Minerals 24Classifier 25Grinding mill (vertical or ball) 26Packing station 27Palette control station Scheme

6 Main manufacturer PENGFEI

7 Latest project done in Aserbaijdschan

8 Vertical mill Ball mill Rotary kiln The customer determines the layout, we just recommend

9 Process analysing


11 Test lab by market leader WUXI

12 Energy facts: Gas consumption for rotary kiln: 6.673 m³/h Gas consumption for calcinator:10.010 m³/h Electric power:24.500 KW Process water consumtion: 931 m³/d Area facts: Entire plant layout:400.000 m² Ground loading total:150.000 to Transportation facts: 20“ & 40“ container boxes: 7.000 to Open sea flats: 8.000 to Heaviest parts: 150 to Gas rate: 35.82 MJ/Nm³ 28.000 KW recomm. or 95 KW/to acc. ISO

13 TECHNICAL REPORT FOR 4000T/D CEMENT PRODUCTION LINE 4000t/d Final inspection together with the customer on site of supplier

14 Item/Month123456789101112131415161718192021222324 Gen.Layout Geolo.Survey Pre-design Final design Equipment Training China Shipping Buildings Erection Com/Accept. Site Training Work schedule from valid contract onward to completion

15 Purchase settlement: - LOI (letter of intent) showing the end user & being bank confirmed; - Sales meeting between IRD Swiss and purchaser‘s specialists; - Visiting the main supplier and the finished equipment; - Clarifying all open technical details - final advising consultation; - Closing the purchase contract and fixing the installment plan; - Making the down payment by the buyer; - Finalizing layout and design of the cement plant; - Handing over of the civil work drawings by IRD Swiss to the buyer; - Doing the civil work by the buyer under supervision of IRD Swiss; - Starting the schedule, delivery and final erection of the entire plant; - Run up of the turn-key plant by seller and purchaser; - Process monitoring during one year warranty time by supervision team.

16 Team work IRD Swiss Suppliers Super vision Erection work

17 YOUR new cement plant

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