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Internet safety! By: Liam, Brilee, Dinny, Shalisha.

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1 Internet safety! By: Liam, Brilee, Dinny, Shalisha

2 How cyber bullies work! Stop you from telling on them by saying that they will hurt you They try to find out if your computer is in your room. If it’s in your room they can't get caught. They may start an online friendship with you. Some pretend to be a kid who needs help, your friend or someone who goes to your school. They may start asking you about school, family & other personal information. Some may offer you gifts like money and webcams to get you to tell them where you live.

3 What you can do! The second you post a profile on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or any other social networking site, you can become a possible target for bad people.

4 That doesn’t mean you should stop using these sites. Just be smart about it.

5 Try to not share personal information. No full name. No address. No school. No clubs or teams.

6 When someone sends you a friend request on Facebook, MySpace or another social networking site, how do you decide if you should accept it? Someone you don’t trust enough to invite into your home is definitely not worthy of learning more about you and your life on some website. Go through your online "friend" lists. Take a close look at each profile and ask yourself if you’d feel comfortable having this "friend" over for dinner with your parents..


8 The best ways to avoid Cyber bullying The best way to avoid cyber bulling is to quit the server or ether just kick them off the server if they are bulling you. The fun and best way is to report them.

9 Cyber safety By Dinny

10 Intro How to avoid cyber bullying Hi MY name is Donovan and I’m here to give you a step by step process on how to avoid cyber bullying.

11 Xbox problems First if someone starts to be mean to you here are some things that you can do if you’re on the Xbox. First if he starts bugging you can just shut off your mic Or just mute him If he sends you endless threats or names just don’t read them and delete them

12 Text problems Here are some tips for texting If someone starts talking trash than just kick them out of the conversation If they keep sending you messages you can just block them. If they are bugging you or picking on you, just leave the conversation.

13 Safety Tips So there you have it all folks that’s all the tips I’ve got for now about cyber bullying. So that’s for that but what about hacking you say well from my passed experiences the only way to not get hacked completely all you need to do is turn off your system. Because if you want to lose all your information to one guy that’s probably going to make a prank phone call to the cops with your number that’s fine by me but it’s not pleasant because then your parents think your Xbox live is not safe and take it away for a long time.

14 What to do when you are getting CYBER BULLIED! By: Liam, Brilee, Shalisha, Dinny

15 Introduction Lots of people get cyber bullied because they are not good at the game, they are nerds at school or they don’t have many friends. Some people prank call people that are not their friends to annoy them, a way to avoid that is to check who it is, on a prank calling app called “magic jack” it will say Florida or where the call was made. When people call you they most likely will call just to annoy you or to make fun of you.

16 Xbox live Bullies Here are some tips to avoid Xbox live cyber bulling. Quit the game or leave the party and join another game. You could mute your microphone. You can block players.

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