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RBA Securitisation System Technical Delivery Forum Thursday, 29 January 2015 RBA Securitisation System.

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1 RBA Securitisation System Technical Delivery Forum Thursday, 29 January 2015 RBA Securitisation System

2 Agenda Industry Testing Tools and System Demonstration Technical Update (B2B API Update) Q&A session Wrap Up

3 Forum Protocol & WebEx Connection Details All dial-in participant lines will be muted for most of the presentation. All lines will be open during the Q&A portion of this Forum. To mute/unmute your own line, dial *6 (mute)/#6 (unmute) All questions will be handled in the Q&A portion of this Forum. We will open up the floor to each institution in alphabetical order.

4 Industry Testing The Securitisation System opened to accept voluntary data submissions on 31 December 2014. Access to the Industry Test environment has been open since November 2014. The RBA is providing an industry testing environment for all Information Providers (IPs) to test submission of RMBS, CMBS and other ABS, test or real data, to the Securitisation System via the web application and the B2B API interface. It is a requirement that IPs submit real submission data for each deal in the Industry test environment before commencing reporting on that deal to the Securitisation System (production). This is to confirm the quality of the Securitisation System data. IPs are strongly encouraged to participate early in Industry Testing to test their data quality and submission processes well ahead of commencement of mandatory reporting for repo eligible asset backed securities on 30 June 2015.

5 Industry Testing (2) Securitisation Data are required to comply with the XML Schemas and Consolidated Reporting Guidance published on the SIF site. Validation rules automated in the Securitisation System provide IPs with feedback on the quality of their data. The validation rules that will be progressively included in the Securitisation System during 2015, will be published on the SIF website in mid February. Once reporting commences and data quality is assessed, the validation rules will be adjusted over time to ensure that data comply with the published Reporting Guidance. The RBA will update IPs as validation rules are adjusted and will take a reasonable approach in giving IPs opportunity to correct any problems found with submitted data

6 Industry Testing (3) Our experience shows that it is an iterative process for an IP to complete their first successful submission. Assistance to IPs has been mainly in areas of: 1. Reserved Special Characters (&,, ‘, “) and Boolean fields 2. ND codes 3. Registration forms (Deal reference and IP data) 4. Securitisation System Tools Reminder: All material information related to reporting guidelines, system support material and tools are available on the Securitisation Industry Forum (SIF) As previously requested, IPs participating, are required to send an email to advising of when they intend to participate in Industry Testing. This is required for planning purposes to ensure adequate support is provided to you for your initial submission. Please provide your response by Friday, 6 February

7 Tools and System Demonstration RMBS Excel Data Submission Template CFW XML Generation Tool These tools are available on the SIF site Upload of the XML File to Securitisation System Source: Securitisation System Technical Support Notes

8 B2B API Update The Securitisation System B2B API Technical Implementation Notes are now available on the SIF B2B API Technical Implementation Notes - version 1.1. This document describes how an Information Provider (IP) user can use the B2B API web services to programmatically upload submission files to the Securitisation System.

9 Q&A session

10 Wrap up The Securitisation Industry Forum (SIF) site is the single point of communication to Industry. Industry is advised to review the SIF site regularly and subscribe to the site’s RSS feeds. RSS feeds For queries related to testing or voluntary reporting, please contact the Securitisation Support Centre at or by phone on 1800 919 Contact, for any other queries in relation to consolidated guidance and technical

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