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Getting Started. Intro Must Haves and Best Practices Demo Q&A Agenda.

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1 Getting Started

2 Intro Must Haves and Best Practices Demo Q&A Agenda

3 Imagine a World… Video Conferencing was a Mess

4 Easy, Robust, Accessible The Face of Business Collaboration

5 Where we are today Up to 25 connections Any combination of devices Mobile & Browser Integration HD Content Sharing Video Sharing, Chat & Recording

6 Must Haves and Best Practices

7 Must Have: Compatible System

8 ..or a phone.

9 Internet Connection Best Practices UncertaintyCertainty

10 Audio Best Practices UncertaintyCertainty Tip! Hit “M” to mute your line, “Space Bar” for Push to Talk and “V” to disable your video

11 Visual Best Practices Uncertainty Certainty

12 Two Types of Meetings

13 Scheduled vs. Personal Meeting Personal Meetings: Easy, Easy, Easy! Great for instant meetings Uses the same meeting ID every time Lock button available for security Scheduled Meetings: Automatic Email Invites Random and unique meeting ID Great for recurring meetings Tip! Shortcut to any meeting: Bookmark your personal meeting URL!

14 Two Types of Users

15 Decide This: Will you be hosting/scheduling the meeting? You’re a moderator. Or are you just joining the meeting? You’re a participant.

16 If you are a Moderator… Start the meeting (or not with moderator-less meeting) Mute all at once, mute individuals OR mute upon entry Push layout to all participants Pin a Video Participant Drop participants Lock the meeting Record the meeting End the meeting for everyone

17 Share screen Change personal layout You do not have to have an account, simply join as a guest If you are a Participant...

18 Moderator-less Meetings Allows participants to meet without the moderator having to start the meeting: – Meeting begins after first 2 participants arrive. – The person with the moderator passcode has the moderator controls (mute all, drop, etc.) available for use, should they decide to join. For scheduled meetings: My Settings > Room Settings For Personal Meetings: Meetings > Personal Meeting > Edit Personal Meetings > Advanced Meeting Options

19 How to Connect

20 All Roads Lead to: The Connection Which device? Who’s in the meeting?

21 1. Call the “Blue Jeans Meeting” found in the Address Book. -Or- Dial: 2. Enter the meeting ID and passcode if necessary Joining from a Room System The Call Button

22 22 Pair with your laptop 22 From your computer From the Room System screen

23 Log in to moderate Or join as a guest Share content in HD Download the FREE app from the Apple store/Google Play Stable WIFI or LTE recommended for connecting Always use earbuds Blue Jeans for Mobile

24 Mobile Controls Mute Microphone Mute Camera Layout Screen Share Switch the Camera Leave the Meeting Other Participants Self View Group Chat

25 Features: Video Sharing BEFORE your meeting: Upload the video to your Videos tab (If you don’t have a Videos tab, contact your Group Admin for access) In the meeting: Click the content share icon, then select the video to play

26 Features: Recording In meeting “record” button on tool bar for the moderator 2 ways to view your recording: In the email you receive when your recording is available The recording tab in your account Download the recording and save!

27 Demo

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