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Early On System Updates Winter 2011 Early On Training and Technical Assistance (EOT&TA)

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1 Early On System Updates Winter 2011 Early On Training and Technical Assistance (EOT&TA)

2 Webinar Reminders Turn off audio on computer Listen through READY Conference line – * 6 to mute and un-mute phone Ask questions/make comments – “Raise your hand” – then talk on phone when called on – Type on computer

3 Today’s Agenda 1. Welcome, introductions and overview Kerenda Applebey – EOT&TA, Early On ® Training and TA Manager Colleen O’Connor – MDE Office of Early Childhood Education and Family Services, Education Consultant 2. EOT&TA Updates 3. "Unveiling" of the Online Early On Implementation Manual 4. Review of Written Prior Notice requirements 5. Questions and Discussion 6. Closing

4 EOT&TA Updates

5 Early On Implementation Manual General purpose of the Implementation Manual: To have centralized resource regarding the Federal Regulations, State Expectations/Guidance, and the basic rules of local implementation of all the components of Michigan’s Part C program – Early On ®. Desired outcomes of Implementation Manual: One place to find all relevant information and related documents and forms Easily accessible format (on-line and well organized) Easy to update and keep current (on-line, word/pdf format, segments stand alone and have revision dates) Easy to understand information on implementation of Federal and State Regulations and Standards in local service areas.

6 Manual Committee Early On Coordinators and Staff (15+) EOT&TA Training/TA Specialists MDE – Office of Early Childhood and Family Services Partner Agencies

7 Implementation Manual EOT&TA Website – Resources Format of Manual Next steps

8 Written Prior Notice Why did we start with this section? – Many questions raised during “New Eligibility” trainings last spring. – Little guidance on this part of Procedural Safeguards are available. – Quickly discovered much confusion and diversity in implementation practices.

9 Written Prior Notice This Guidance was Developed through: – Research of other state’s practices and NECTAC guidance (recent OSEP citation and correction regarding this issue) – Many discussion between EOT&TA and MDE – Input from the Manual Committee – Input from the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) – MDE currently finishing up the final “approval” process

10 WPN in a “Nutshell” WPN is NOT the same as Meeting Notice

11 WPN in a “Nutshell” Written prior notice must be given to the parents of a child eligible under this part a reasonable time before a public agency or service provider proposes, or refuses, to initiate or change the identification, evaluation, or placement of the child, or the provision of appropriate early intervention services to the child and the child's family. [Sec. 303.403 (Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1439(a)(6) and (7))[58 FR 40959, July 30, 1993, as amended at 64 FR 12536, Mar. 12, 1999]

12 WPN in a “Nutshell” WPN is a Procedural Safeguard of a Family’s Rights: A safeguard to protect families. Provide the parent a written summary of any changes that are being proposed or denied. Provided before a parent is asked to consent to the next steps. It also allows an opportunity to consider options and express any questions about proposed changes or challenge decisions regarding eligibility, identification, placement, and services before the decision is implemented.

13 WPN in a “Nutshell” WPN must include 3 things: – The action proposed or refused – The reasons for each of the decisions made – Information regarding parent’s rights to disagree with decisions/proposals

14 WPN in a “Nutshell” WHEN WPN? WPN must happen AFTER a decision/proposal is made, but BEFORE parents are asked to consent to the action. Parents need to be given at least 7 days to review, consider, and make a decision regarding consent to the proposed action.

15 WPN in a “Nutshell” So what does that mean in a practical sense? See attached chart summarizing Circumstances when WPN must be considered...

16 WPN in a “Nutshell” Language: Provided to a parent in his/her native language or mode of communication (such as oral, written, sign, or Braille). Early On must ensure that the parent understands the content of the notice. Document that these requirements were met.

17 WPN in a “Nutshell” Waiver of Timeline: A parent and service provider may agree to proceed earlier than the required 7 days. WPN must still be given. Must document parental agreement to waive the timeline.

18 WPN in a “Nutshell” Delivery and Documentation: WPN may be mailed, emailed, or handed to a parent. A parent signature of receipt is not required. Service area should keep a copy of WPN in child’s file as documentation.

19 WPN in a “Nutshell” Dual Eligibility: Early On & Michigan Special Education – The WPN form (WPN: Birth to Three Years) is designed to meet all requirements of WPN for both Early On and Michigan Special Education for children from birth to age three. – The form includes an additional section for providing detailed information about specific evaluations conducted as required for Michigan Special Education. – Families will need to receive Procedural Safeguards information regarding both Early On and Special Education.

20 WPN in a “Nutshell” FORM: Written Prior Notice: Birth to Three Years Is Optional Sneak preview of Draft Form

21 Questions & Discussion: “Raise your hand” on the computer and wait to be called on, or Type in your question/comment on the left side of computer screen. Remember that you are being recorded.

22 Closing Next Steps: – Implementation Manual Further support or information regarding Written Prior Notice: EOT&TA (Kerenda or your TA Specialist) Both System Updates recorded – the best quality one will be posted early next week on the EOT&TA website Next System Updates – LIVE – we are currently working on locations around the state and dates in May. Thank You!

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