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Barry Spencer eLearning Barry Spencer eLearning Development Coordinator Bromley College.

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1 Barry Spencer eLearning Barry Spencer eLearning Development Coordinator Bromley College

2 Barry Spencer eLearning Flexibility - Learning can occur at any time in any place. Interactivity - Assessment of learning outcomes can be immediate and autonomous. Motivation - The use of collaborative eLearning can make learning itself more rewarding Collaboration - The use of discussion tools can provide opportunities for students to teach, learn and mentor. Connectivity - The internet provides access to eLearning resources from around the world.

3 Barry Spencer eLearning Interactivity and Collaboration Delivery of integrated distance learning Provide a platform for summative and formative assessment Foundation for student support A shell for computer based learning resources Communication between students, teachers and network contributors Gateway to online materials Document repository Email messaging Hyperlinks Chat rooms Forums Peer review tutorial Lessons peer review Scorm Phase 1 Phase 2Phase 3 From Cultural Learning Objects to Virtual Learning Environments for Cultural Heritage Education: Fabrizio Giorgini, PhD. Complexity - transition Collaborative framework for student projects

4 Barry Spencer eLearning Chat Forum WiKi The Training Plan

5 Barry Spencer eLearning Social presence sense of belonging, group cohesion Cognitive presence analysis, construction, confirmation, understanding Teaching presence design, facilitation, direction Learning Support discourse Set the climate Garrison, Anderson and Archer Sustain direction Framework - Communities of Enquiry

6 Barry Spencer eLearning Cognitive presence: ‘The extent to which learners are able to construct meaning through sustained reflection and discourse in a critical community of enquiry’. Facilitate analysis, Confirm meaning, Construction, Confirm understanding, Creative thinking, Convergent thinking, Sustained discourse, Reflection Social presence: ‘the ability of participants in a community of enquiry to project socially and emotionally, as real people (i.e. their full personality), through the medium of communication being used’. Accommodate perspective, Diversity of choice, Respect, Encourage reflection, Explore assumptions, Critical thinking, Social discourse Teaching Presence: ‘The design facilitation and direction of cognitive and social processes for the purpose of realising personally meaningful and educationally worthwhile learning outcomes’. Focus discussion, Draw in participants, Discussion moderation, Precipitate reflection, Facilitate awareness, Design and organisation, Pose stimulating questions, Scaffolding

7 Barry Spencer eLearning Presence counting

8 Barry Spencer eLearning

9 Barry Spencer eLearning What the students thought

10 Barry Spencer eLearning Spot the difference Classroom activitieseLearning activities

11 Barry Spencer eLearning eLearning Policies Student Privacy Policy E-Mail Policy On-line Discussion Policy Assignment Policy Technical Help Policies Student Code of Conduct Policies Intellectual Property Rights Policies Regular newsletter eLearning projects Useful links Examples of best practice Tutorials Moodle news Competition

12 Barry Spencer eLearning eLearning lesson observations When eLearning is implemented and learning, engagement etc. take place, then this should be recorded and rewarded as part of the class observation process As 80% of conversation in an appraisal flows from the you, what are you doing with eLearning? Staff Appraisals

13 Barry Spencer eLearning Can the potential of social networking be harnessed Yes if we reward social learning

14 Barry Spencer eLearning Real College Virtual College eLearning is not a technology eLearning is a culture eLearning is a culture Follow my Moodle Journal blog

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