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Planned Moves, Changes, Issues Library Administrative Council All-Staff Meeting September 10, 2013.

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1 Planned Moves, Changes, Issues Library Administrative Council All-Staff Meeting September 10, 2013

2 Overview of Issues by Unit Melville: moves to improve functions, workflow and services Health Sciences Library: address facilities and maintenance issues Southampton: maintain library space and identity

3 Melville Library Departmental Moves

4 Space Utilization  Adjust space to route user flow through single service area  Move employees closer to necessary technology and/or public areas  Relocating staff / co-location of services  Create one centralized service area in the Melville Library that encompasses public service operations

5 Guiding Principles 1st floor of Melville should be devoted to user services (no private offices or technical services), and not collections. Make use of Galleria space on 1st floor as part of overall plan to create welcoming, useful, multifunctional space for users, events Prime space (such as 2nd floor NRR map cabinets by north-facing windows) should be repurposed for student/faculty seating. Devote entire upper floor of NRR or significant section of floor to quiet study. This may be accomplished when some offices/depts. on periphery of building move out after Union Building renovation.

6 Collection Strategy and Management Move Melville Interlibrary Loan operation from Resource Management area to the Circulation area on the third floor Logical combination of two operations with similar objectives: getting requested resources to user Higher visibility for ILL and easier for users to find it Users could pick up and return borrowed items during evening and weekend library hours Cross-training opportunities for more efficient staff use in both public and operational services

7 First Floor Items 1st floor CRR: Move Microforms collection off of first floor to an upper floor, possibly 2nd floor in the area currently used for government documents, after major weeding project. This will open up CRR space for people, not collections 1st floor CRR: Move academic journals to 3rd floor stacks area or storage area; keep recreational reading in CRR "reading area“ Classroom B furniture replacement Other 1st floor: Former ILL office should be converted to ______?

8 First Floor - Learning Commons Coordinated library and technology support (i.e., library, TLT, GIS, etc.), various types of seating and functions Single service desk New flooring Upgrade electrical supply, HVAC for additional seating and computer workstations Painting New furniture for different types of seating (275 seats) Add 30 additional networked stations Add café to learning commons or Galleria

9 Second Floor Items All science monographs in the Melville Library will be shelved on the 2nd floor in one call number sequence QRB room will be for documents/maps processing and the night/weekend supervisor's office QRB room can also serve as common room for the 2nd floor library staff

10 Second Floor (Continued) Prepare government documents area on the second floor for chemistry/science collection Current Government Documents processing room to become a staging area for chemistry and documents materials during the move Possible microforms area after the move of the Chemistry Library 2nd floor core offices converted to group study rooms

11 Resource Management -- Melville Move Serials and Continuations Dept. to area now occupied by ILL Redesign Institutional Repository for growth Space in IR for additional staff and equipment

12 Plans for Expansion of the Institutional Repository Relocate Jason Torre’s office to Melville RM area Relocation/expansion of the existing Scanning Lab equipment to the current Serials are Current scanning station to become office and conference room Develop a reprographics station for reformatting oversized maps, documents, etc. General copy stand/reprographics station

13 IR Expansion (continued) Micrographics station (microfilming area) Scanning stations and plotter Space for RM to use for staging area Office space for new hires (e.g., Digital Humanities Librarian) Installation of an interactive SMART workstation for staff professional development Overall goal is to develop a more robust IR

14 Health Sciences Library Facilities Issues

15 Categories of HSL Issues Security Electrical Facilities Lighting Structural

16 HSL Issues (Continued) Furniture Maintenance Classrooms and Barry Collier Computer Lab Group study areas and student seating

17 Southampton Library New building in excellent condition Problem is keeping it a library Group study rooms assigned to teaching faculty for offices Second library office not assigned to the library Library work area assigned as a common meeting area

18 Next Steps Present the Melville plans to the new dean Need approval of new dean If approved, ILL and Serials moves are planned for January intersession HSL renovations and costs would need to be determined by new dean Southampton space issues are difficult

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