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2013-2014 Teachers’ Salary Scale Change Suffolk Public Schools.

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2 2013-2014 Teachers’ Salary Scale Change Suffolk Public Schools

3 15 School Divisions Region II AccomackPortsmouth ChesapeakePoquoson FranklinSouthampton HamptonSuffolk Isle of WightVirginia Beach Newport NewsWill’sburg-James City Norfolk York Northampton

4 Suffolk Public Schools Ranking ExperienceRanking 1 Year7th 3 Years6th 5 Years7th 6 Years8th 7 Years9th 8 Years10th 9 Years7th 10 Years7th 11 Years7th 15 Years5th

5 6 Years Experience Yearly Salary Portsmouth$44,149 Isle of Wight$43,733 Chesapeake$42,375 Virginia Beach$41,678 Suffolk City$41,581 Norfolk$40,674 York$40,347 Hampton$40,292 Newport News$39,895 Will'sburg-James City$39,474 Southampton$38,690 Franklin$38,645 Poquoson$38,274 Accomack$35,675 Northampton$35,354 Rank 8 th Becomes Rank 5 th

6 7 Years Experience Yearly Salary Portsmouth$44,869 Isle of Wight$44,541 Chesapeake$43,011 Virginia Beach$42,613 Suffolk City$42,435 Norfolk$41,490 York$41,226 Hampton$40,594 Newport News$40,299 Will'sburg-James City$39,474 Franklin$39,186 Southampton$38,910 Poquoson$38,274 Accomack$36,270 Northampton$35,885 Rank 9 th Becomes Rank 5 th

7 8 Years Experience Yearly Salary Portsmouth$45,613 Isle of Wight$45,350 Chesapeake$43,764 Virginia Beach$43,549 Suffolk City$43,290 Norfolk$42,321 York$42,172 Hampton$40,899 Newport News$40,703 Will'sburg-James City$40,461 Franklin$39,735 Southampton$39,115 Poquoson$38,357 Accomack$36,650 Northampton$36,423 Rank 10 th Becomes Rank 5 th

8 9 Years Experience Yearly Salary Portsmouth$46,371 Isle of Wight$46,158 Chesapeake$44,638 Virginia Beach$44,486 Suffolk City$44,425 Norfolk$43,168 York$42,582 Hampton$41,207 Newport News$41,110 Will'sburg-James City$40,461 Franklin$40,291 Southampton$39,316 Poquoson$38,491 Accomack$37,357 Northampton$36,968 Rank 7 th Becomes Rank 5 th

9 10 Years Experience Yearly Salary Portsmouth$47,140 Isle of Wight$46,967 Chesapeake$45,532 Virginia Beach$45,423 Suffolk City$44,971 Norfolk$43,168 York$42,993 Newport News$41,521 Hampton$41,515 Will'sburg-James City$41,472 Franklin$40,855 Southampton$39,526 Poquoson$38,570 Accomack$37,751 Northampton$37,523 Rank 7 th Becomes Rank 5 th

10 This recommendation would adjust the Teachers’ Scale on steps (6-14) in order to smooth in additional salary and maintain the continuity of the existing teacher’s scale. Cost $930,478


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