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ICN Merger Working Group Work Product Merger Review Workshop March 10-11, 2009 Taipei.

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1 ICN Merger Working Group Work Product Merger Review Workshop March 10-11, 2009 Taipei

2 Merger Tool Box Tools and techniques used for developing reliable evidence Comparative work on substantive standards for reviewing mergers and the criteria for applying those standards Tools for crafting remedies Recommendations on Merger Review Procedures

3 Investigative Techniques Handbook Merger Guidelines Workbook Merger Remedies Project Recommended Practices on Notification & Review Procedures Recommended Practices for Merger Analysis Workbooks, Handbooks, and Recommendations For Merger Review

4 Investigative Techniques Handbook for Merger Review

5 Chapter 1: Investigation Tools Overview Chapter 2: Planning a Merger Investigation Chapter 3: Developing Reliable Evidence Chapter 4: The Role of Economists and Economic Evidence Chapter 5: A Private Sector Perspective

6 Merger Guidelines Workbook  A detailed analytical framework, with key questions to address when evaluating a merger’s competitive impact. Merger Guidelines

7 Merger Guidelines Workbook Contents Chapterpage 1. Introduction 4 2. Concepts and core principles 6 3. Types of merger 10 4. Worksheets 14 A. Market definition 15 B. Market structure and concentration 31 C. Unilateral effects 39 D. Coordinated effects 45 E. Market Entry and expansion 53 F. Efficiencies 61 G. Failing firm 66 H. Non-Horizontal mergers 72 5. Glossary, further resources & case studies 81 6. Annex: further case studies 88

8 Merger Remedies Review Project This report provides a practical guide to the choice, design and implementation of merger remedies. It achieves this by summarizing key principles and practices employed by a wide cross-section of ICN members and then illustrating significant issues through case studies.

9 Merger Remedies Review Project Contents Chapterpage Part 1 – Introduction 1 Part 2 – The Principles of Remedial Action 3 Assessment of remedies; Proportionality; Effectiveness; Potential remedy burdens and costs; Transparency and consistency Part 3 – Choice and Design of Remedies 6 General considerations; The merger remedies universe; Structural remedies – divestitures; Factors affecting the design of divestitures; Structural remedies – intellectual property; Behavioral remedies; Circumstances where behavioral remedies may be appropriate; Packages of behavioral remedies Part 4 – Implementing and Monitoring Remedies 14 Effective implementation; Use of trustees; Monitoring Arbitration and Dispute Resolution; Post implementation modification

10 ICN Guiding Principles and Recommended Practices for Merger Notification & Review Procedures The GPs and RPs are non-binding consensus statements intended as guidance for all members They incorporate best practices across ICN member agencies

11 Guiding Principles Transparency Non-discrimination on the basis of nationality Sovereignty Procedural fairness Efficient, timely, and effective review Coordination Convergence Protection of confidential information

12 Recommended Practices for Merger Notification & Review Procedures Jurisdictional nexus Objective notification thresholds Flexibility in the timing of notification Merger review periods Requirements for initial notification Conduct of merger investigations Procedural fairness Transparency Confidentiality Interagency coordination Review of merger review provisions Remedy procedures Agency powers

13 RP VI. CONDUCT OF MERGER INVESTIGATIONS Agencies should: –include opportunities for discussions between the competition agency and the merging parties at key points in the investigation –provide merging parties with an explanation of competitive concerns –ensure that investigations are completed without undue delay –avoid imposing unnecessary costs and burdens on merging parties and third parties –comply with applicable legal privileges and confidentiality procedures

14 RP VII. PROCEDURAL FAIRNESS Agencies should provide merging parties with sufficient and timely information on competitive concerns. Parties should have a meaningful opportunity to respond to such concerns. Third parties should be allowed to express their views during the merger review process. Agencies should ensure that the process is implemented fairly, efficiently, and consistently. Merger review systems should provide an opportunity for timely review by a separate adjudicative body of an agency’s final adverse decision on the merits.

15 RP. XI Remedies A remedy should address the identified competitive harm arising from the proposed transaction. The merger review system should provide a transparent framework for the proposal, discussion, and adoption of remedies. Procedures and practices should be established to ensure that remedies are effective and easily administrable. Appropriate means should be provided to ensure implementation, monitoring of compliance, and enforcement of the remedy.

16 Recommended Practices for Merger Analysis Legal Framework –purpose; comprehensive framework Market Shares/Concentration –important but not determinative Entry/Expansion Competitive Effects

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