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“A faster, easier way to do business with us” Introducing My

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1 “A faster, easier way to do business with us” Introducing My

2 It’s Easy To Sign In Using Internet Explorer go to 1. User name: mpg\your last name and first initial, no spaces (use the backward slash above the enter key.) 2. Password: enter your password 3. Check Remember my password box so you don’t have to enter info next time. 4. Click on the OK button

3 The Quick Launch menu helps you navigate the website, providing you with quick easy access to all the functionality of

4 Customer Hold Stock is the first thing to appear under Customer Specific Stock

5 Product Catalog group is organized by Family and Brand to help you find what you need fast

6 Items are separated into categories, simply choose the Brand you want and the Finish you would like

7 Items are then sorted by weight and size

8 Then choose your packaging preference. You’ll note items are listed by packaging groups: cartons and skids

9 Click on your Item number selection

10 You’ll see the description, list pricing, and packaging too!

11 Some Items have more detailed description such as Popular Uses, Brightness, Color & Environmental Info

12 To check stock, enter a quantity and click the Check Stock button

13 Status will appear in Stock Availability Box. It will say Next Day, 2-Day or Backordered. If item is backordered call our customer service department at 1- 800-860-2482. We may have a pool truck coming from a Mill and be able to get it for you sooner.

14 To Place an order while checking stock click Place Order or click Quick entry!

15 Add the job number, Verify your trade agreement is reflected in the price

16 Use the + icon to add more items X to delete lines on the order Grey arrows guide you to first and last items ordered in cart.

17 You can go back to Product Catalog and add more items or View Cart to return to order entry

18 Once you click Checkout be sure to fill in the Job Number, Purchasing Order number and especially Request Ship date --- Click Next to proceed

19 This is your confirmation, 1. Check that your information is correct 2. Click on Finish!

20 Your order is now entered! My email and phone number.

21 That page is empty now but eventually will have our close-outs and monthly specials listed. In Quick Launch under Product Catalog/Browse we have Specials listed

22 Checking Stock prior to ordering

23 Specify the Item number and Requested Qty Click Check Stock

24 You can also jump to manual order entry by clicking View cart or View account information

25 Viewing Account info on file

26 Click on Orders in the System, it shows your past and current order!

27 Navigate to a specific order using the gray arrows.

28 Select a desired order status

29 Click All to see all

30 Reviewing Invoices, Select a specific Invoice

31 Specific Invoice Info

32 Other neat features include the Site search option Enter Item numbers, Descriptions, Brands in the Search Box

33 The results of your search will provide all the information you need to complete your order. There might be multiple pages

34 Why Easy and Fast Won’t have to wait on hold Real time Inventory Information Check Stock Place Orders Quickly, Easily and see Confirmations fast Look up invoices and Reprint Copies

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