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Personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS)

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1 Personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS)
Instructions for use These additional slides may be added to the e-Profile templates for pupils in Key Stage 3 or Post-16, if the school or college is using the QCA PLTS framework as a focus. The background has been left plain so it may transfer easily into any of the templates, where it will pick up the slide design. How to paste the PLTS slides into another template From the View menu, open the slides in the Slide Sorter view, and then select and copy those you wish to use. Open the template into which you wish to copy them, select Slide Sorter view, click where you want them to be located and click Paste.

2 Personal, learning and thinking skills
The following alternative areas may be the basis from which to identify a range of personal skills that you wish pupils to include in their e-Profile. Ask pupils to describe how they demonstrate the skills of being: an independent enquirer a creative thinker a reflective learner a team worker a self-manager an effective participator. The following slides provide examples of how this may look. (This materials is taken from the QCA Personal, learning and thinking skills framework, details of which are provided in the Resources folder, in the PLTS framework.pdf document.)

3 Being an independent enquirer
I can use information to help plan what to do and I know how to go about solving problems. Describe any activities you have taken part in when doing this:

4 Being a creative thinker
I have lots of ideas and try different ways to tackle a problem and enjoy working with others to find creative solutions. Describe any creative activities you have joined in:

5 Being a reflective learner
I know how I learn best, what I do well and what I need to do to improve. I listen to advice about how to improve my learning. Describe any activities where you have thought about your learning and how to improve:

6 Working in a team I work well with others, can take the lead if needed and avoid unnecessary friction in a group. Describe an activity where you have been a member of a team and the role you took:

7 Being a self-manager I can organise myself, cope with challenges and look for new opportunities. Describe ways you take responsibility for yourself:

8 Being an effective participator
I engage with lots of things and help to bring about improvements in the school and wider community. Describe ways you have helped to make a difference through your involvement in a project or activity:

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