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Slide Slide 1 Presented By: Lakshmi Sharma B.Com (prof.) 6th term.

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1 Slide Slide 1 Presented By: Lakshmi Sharma B.Com (prof.) 6th term

2 Slide Slide 2 Contents  Definition of Merchant bank  Merchant banking in India  Features  Need and importance  Services Provided by Merchant Banks  Merchant banking v/s Commercial banking  List of Registered Merchant Bankers

3 Slide Slide 3 Definition of merchant bank A merchant bank is a financial institution which provides capital to companies in the form of share ownership instead of institutioncapitalshareloans A merchant bank also provides advisory on corporate matters to the firms they lend to. In the United Kingdom, the term "merchant bank" refers to an investment bank.United Kingdominvestment bank

4 Slide Slide 4 Merchant Banking in India Merchant banking activity was officially commenced into the Indian capital Markets when Grindlays bank received the license from reserve bank in 1967. Grindlays started its operations with management of capital issues, recognized the requirements of upcoming class of Entrepreneurs for diverse financial services ranging from production planning and system design to market research. Apart from this it also provides management consulting services to meet the Requirements of small and medium sector rather than large sector.

5 Slide Slide 5 Features  Combination of banking and consultancy services  Acts as a financial engineer  Provides variety of services

6 Slide Slide 6 Need and importance  Growth of primary markets  Purchasing securities  Capital flow  Promoting financial surplus  Coordinating activities to the share issue  Complying with rules and regulations

7 Slide Slide 7 Services Provided by Merchant Banks:  Project Counseling  Management of debt and equity offerings  Issue Management  Managers, Consultants or Advisers to the Issue  Underwriting of Public Issue  Portfolio Management  Restructuring strategies  Off Shore Finance  Non-resident Investment  Loan Syndication  Corporate Counseling and advisory services  Placement and distribution

8 Slide Slide 8 Merchant Bank Vs Commercial Bank  Commercial banks are catering to the needs of the common man whereas the merchant banks cater to the needs of corporate firms.  Any person can open a bank account in the commercial bank whereas it cannot be done in the merchant bank.  Merchant bank deals with equities whereas the commercial bank deals with debt related finance which includes the activities like credit proposals, loan sanctions etc.  The merchant bank is exposed to the market so it is more exposed to risk as compared to commercial banks.

9 Slide Slide 9 Cont.  Merchant bank is related to the primary market whereas the commercial markets are more into secondary markets.  Merchant banking activities are capital restructuring, underwriting,portfolio management etc whereas the commercial banks play the role of financers.  The activities of merchant banks have a direct impact on the growth and liquidity of money markets.  Merchant Bank is management oriented whereas the commercial banks are asset oriented  The commercial banks generally avoid risks and on the other hand the merchant banks are willing to take the risks.

10 Slide Slide 10 List of Registered Merchant Bankers  Allahabad bank  Bank of Maharashtra  Canara bank  Deutsche bank  HDFC bank ltd.  ICICI bank ltd.  Indian overseas bank  Oriental bank of commerce  PNB gilts ltd.  Punjab and Sind bank

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