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Plotting the course New goals, and a new route for Irish NGOs? The route to the summit is never a straight line.

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1 Plotting the course New goals, and a new route for Irish NGOs? The route to the summit is never a straight line

2 1) Dóchas is developing a new strategy Our discussions are based on: An external evaluation of our work; Conversations with existing members and associate members; Input from other stakeholders; Studies of changes in the global development sector.

3 And we believe it is time to be ambitious As a sector, we have managed to engage people with the moral case for overseas aid, but we are not so great at mobilising people towards a fairer world. 2) The Dóchas Board believes that we need to make ‘global justice’ – ie. not merely overseas aid – the focus of everything we do. Ireland that plays a role for global justice NGOs that are “future proof” Effective NGOs Mobilising the Members to Mobilise their Supporters Policy engagement on policies that affect poverty at home and abroad. “Doing the right things” Changing NGO communications / Finding Frames / World’s Best News Build network of specialists in every field “Doing things well” Quality Standards and Working Groups Developing an evidence base for NGO programmes This means going beyond Aid (and Irish Aid), and focusing on local-global linkages.

4 We believe it is time for a Movement. Dóchas is a network. A meeting place of organisations committed to tackling poverty and inequality around the world. It is not enough to build the technical capacity of our member organisations. 3) What is needed to achieve lasting change is that we work with our members, to turn their donors into supporters, their funders into advocates for change. Dóchas’ role is to mobilise the membership, and through the members, the public. Change will come through enabling changes in the member organisations (and by widening the pool of expertise available within the membership). “We are not truly global if we continue to ignore the local”

5 Constructing a new building Dóchas as a network will have mobilised and enabled Ireland’s contribution to a more equal and just world, today and tomorrow. Dóchas is a network, a leading voice to enable Ireland to play its role for a new era of global justice. “Dóchas is a network of organisations shaping a movement of people, influencing policies and mobilising people in Ireland in pursuit of a more equal and just world.” Priority 2: Advocacy and campaigning “Mobilise the membership, and through the membership, the public.” Representing Equipping Mobilising Priority 3: Standards and leadership “Promote quality standards across the sector” Thought leadership Codes and guidelines Priority 4: Building expertise “Connecting and stimulating exchange of experience, and applying the knowledge generated.” Applying lessons learnt Learning and Sharing Convening Challenge, Change Connect, Collaborate Priority 1: A healthy and accountable network “Achieve sustainability which enables Dóchas to deliver the new vision” 4) Dóchas is there to Connect, Collaborate, Challenge & Change.

6 Do you recognise yourself in this image? What do YOU think Irish NGOs should, collectively, aspire to? Get in touch!

7 So why exactly does Dóchas feel a re-think is necessary?

8 1) the international debate NGOs must urgently update their business models. There are many “disruptive” factors in the sector, changing the fundamentals of our work:  Changing donor expectations; changing abilities and expectations from our partners overseas; proliferation of NGOs and ‘me too’ organisations; shrinking political space; growing public scepticism about the impact of aid; new technologies; rise of social movements; diminishing importance of aid versus other capital flows; changing concepts of ‘poverty’; emerging linkages between ‘domestic’ and ‘global’ issues; etc. (see presentation of Sept. 2014) Service delivery plays a diminishing role in development cooperation (humanitarian aid excluded)  NGOs that only focus on ‘project level’ activities will not survive.  NGOs being challenged to be more effective at global level and more responsive to local realities.

9 1) the international debate (continued) NGOs must urgently update their business models. (cntd.) The model of an NGO in complete control of its projects is running out of time.  The future requires more collaborative ways of working;  Donors are looking to reduce transaction costs, and are looking for scale;  Private sector organisations are increasingly interested – and skilled – in global development issues;  Focus on Impact is asking NGOs to chart who can leverage impact.

10 2) Our members, too, want to see change! Dóchas members see poverty as multi-dimensional Irish NGOs don’t want to focus not just on one symptom; NGOs know their strength lies in community mobilisation, but that societal change involves action at a bigger scale; Dóchas members want Dóchas to up its game: Working Groups focused on more strategic issues; Better links with domestic CSOs; A strong voice for the sector, on a range of issues; Dóchas to be less dependent on Irish Aid; Dóchas to be focused on the strategic needs of its members.

11 We think our new Strategy should provide the answers. Dóchas wants to shape a more active and complete role for Ireland in a global drive to build a better world. And that means for Dóchas: Broadening the skills base in our network; Emphasise the importance of members’ work in Ireland, not just overseas; Promote new alliances and innovation in the way our members work; Encourage members to build research and learning into all of their plans.

12 Does this sound like a good way to go for our sector? Let us know!! Drop us an email, Contact one of our Board members, share your thoughts on social media, or come to some of the meetings we will be hosting between now and March 2015!

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