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1 Simon Everest, Senior Security Adviser Defence and Security Organisation UK Trade & Investment (UKTI DSO)

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1 1 Simon Everest, Senior Security Adviser Defence and Security Organisation UK Trade & Investment (UKTI DSO)

2 2 Good Afternoon Role of respective teams –Background –Objectives –How are we achieving the objectives Where we work together Our key messages about UK industry How have things changed Priorities for 2014 Questions

3 3 SIET background Security Through Technology White Paper, February 2012 –Arrangements not ideal between government and industry –Strengthen strategic relationships –Increase UK share of the global security export market –June 2013, Senior Responsible Owner appointed

4 4 SIET mission & objectives MISSION To promote and support innovation and delivery of the UK’s security industry capability, both domestically and in priority countries in support of HMG objectives. 1.High level targeted overseas engagement 2.Coordination across Whitehall 3.White paper commitments 4.Build trust and influence relationships

5 5 SIET meeting objectives (1) 1. High level targeted overseas engagement –Developing relationships at Department of State level –Promoting security industry expertise and innovation within the CONTEST framework –Offer access to UK government know-how –Capabilities of UK operational agencies –Use success of London Games as a catalyst 2. Coordination across Whitehall –Championing industry capability in central government –Lead cross-government meetings (Security Exports Board)

6 6 SIET meeting objectives (2) 3. White paper commitments –Procurement –Coordination –Brand –Relationships –Exports 4. Build trust and influence relationships –UK industry and trade associations –Security Service –Foreign governments –Whitehall departments

7 7 UKTI DSO mission and objectives MISSION UKTI DSO helps the UK defence and security sectors succeed internationally. 1.Build relationships with overseas governments 2.Provide overseas customers with access to government specialist support 3.Support specific industry-led overseas marketing campaigns 4.Identify export opportunities at an early stage 5.Assist SMEs and other new-to-market companies understand how to do business overseas 6.Provide support to campaigns in aid of wider objectives 7.Support industry through presence at major exhibitions and events

8 8 UKTI DSO meeting objectives (1) 1.Achieved by building relationships with overseas governments to maximise UK prospects in established and emerging markets 2.Organise, with trade associations, UK industry attendance at overseas exhibitions 3.Utilise UKTI network of UK based and locally employed staff in British Embassies and High Commissions 4.Law enforcement and cyber security specialists in DSO London office 5.Production of annual security statistics

9 9 UKTI DSO meeting objectives (2) 6.Lead on export market work undertaken by cyber growth partnership 7.Engagement with trade associations 8.UKTI DSO security sector advisory group 9.Undertake market research 10.Maintain KAM relationships with industry

10 10 SIET & DSO – Integrated working Security Exports Strategy –Maximise HMG efforts to increase security exports –Hold Government to account –Focus on key capability areas –London Games legacy Engagement, building confidence –Inward and outward visits, trade missions –Industry and trade associations –Geographical responsibilities –Strengthen support for SMEs Government 2 Government negotiations –Deeper dialogue with markets –MOUs –LOMIs

11 11 Our key messages about UK industry 11,500 companies & 165,000 highly skilled employees World leaders in fields including: –CNI –Cyber –Policing & CT –Major event security –Border security –Offender management –Services The world’s most diverse and innovative companies Forefront of developing and implementing UK industry can safeguard your future

12 12 How have things changed? (1) SRO within Government –One of less than 10 Directors across Whitehall who has come from industry –Dedicated Directorate staffed and operational Cross-Whitehall dialogue and relationships Bringing security focus to wider agendas Ownership for security exports Regular meetings of the Ministerial level Defence and Security Exports board Regular meetings at official level related to security exports and industry engagement Security Exports Board Selling the UK security industry at the most senior levels overseas

13 13 How have things changed? (2) Enhanced two-way communication between government and industry Inward and outward visits resulted in tangible negotiations –define requirements –commercial opportunities Promotion of London Games legacy - increased interest in our experience –Brazil, Japan, Qatar and others Ministerial mandate leading to UK security brand Security and Policing, Farnborough – increased number of targeted international delegations

14 14 Priorities for 2014 Publish and implement the Security Exports Strategy Security Growth Partnership UK security brand and innovation centre Increased engagement with industry, especially SMEs Look to develop existing and new G2G relationships Run industry briefings with Ambassadors overseas Deliver a successful British Business House at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Look at HMG’s approach to procurement of security High Value Opportunities (HVOs) Supporting UK industry in a time of market change Increase security export opportunities for industry

15 15 Who’s who NameRole Stephen PhipsonDirector, Security Industry Engagement Ben FletcherDeputy Director Claire WillertonInternational and SGP Clare BeamishLondon Games Legacy NameRole Richard PaniguianHead of UKTI DSO Simon CholertonOperations Director Simon EverestSenior Security Advisor Richard Freeman / Mark GoldbyLaw Enforcement Advisors HO SIET UKTI DSO

16 16 Questions ? Contact

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