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Full HD Ultra-mini SIP PoE IR IP Camera

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1 Full HD Ultra-mini SIP PoE IR IP Camera

2 Presentation Outlines
Product Overview Product Features Product Applications Product Comparison

3 Product Position PLANET Ultra-mini Family IE 1080P Full HD 720P HD
On-going Planning New Phase-in ICA-5250E -WDR / micro SD -PoE / IPv6 / IP66 -EN50155 / MEMA TS2 IE ICA-4230S -SIP / IR / PoE New ICA-5250 -WDR / PoE -IP66 / Vandalproof 1080P Full HD ICA-3200 - WDR / PoE ICA-4130S -SIP / ePTZ / PoE 720P HD ICA-3110 - WDR / IR / PoE ICA-5150 -WDR / PoE -IP66 / Vandalproof Dome Bullet Vandal

4 Product Overview Front/Side View of ICA-4230S Microphone Reset Button
Light Sensor 2 mega-pixel CMOS Micro SD Card IR LED (10 meters) LED Light RJ-45 LAN (PoE) 4

5 Product Features  Camera SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) compliant
1/2.5”, 2.0 mega-pixel CMOS sensor Maximum resolution 1920 x 30fps 0.5 lux minimum illumination at F1.2 Provides 96 degrees horizontal / 72 degrees vertical angle of view Removable IR-cut Filter and built-in IR LEDs for Day & Night Function

6 Product Features – SIP 2.0 Real-time Security on SIP Network
The ICA-4230S SIP camera allows you to monitor status of remote site via video phone, SIP embedded mobile phone, smart phone or PC… aggressively at any time. With this function, the ICA-4230S provide more instant, efficient response method to deal with events or prevent events from happening, when compared with other even actions (FTP, , SD Card, etc.). 6 6

7 Product Features – SIP 2.0 SIP Configuration
The ICA-4230S SIP cameras provide you with two phone types to connect to SIP-based devices. One is Phone Number, the other one is Direct IP Call. When phone number type is selected, register status function must be enabled. Besides, the camera and SIP-based devices also need to register an account to IP PBX. Direct IP Call Phone Number 7 / 25 7 7

8 Product Features – Day & Night
Day & Night Functionality Removable IR-cut filter and built-in IR illuminator enable the camera to provide color video when there is sufficient light, and black/white video in dark conditions. ICR (IR-Cut Removable). (自動機械式紅外光截止濾片切換) 白天時候, IR-Cut Removable 會自動放下來,濾除掉的紅外光; 晚上時候, IR-Cut Removable 會自動放拿掉, 藉由周遭的紅外線補光. 8 / 26 8 8

9 Product Features  Video / Audio
H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG video compression simultaneously Simultaneous dual-stream support H.264 high profile, main profile and baseline Supports E-PTZ function (720P resolution mode only) Up to 30fps for different resolutions 3DNR to improve picture quality at low lux BLC allows the camera to adjust the exposure of the entire image to properly expose the subject in the foreground Microphone detection for audio-alarm

10 Product Features – E-PTZ
The E-PTZ function enables users to capture the full image in the record while doing PTZ digitally on live view. 10 / 25 10 10

11 Product Features -BLC Exceptional Image quality
BLC (Backlight Compensation) allows the camera to adjust the exposure of the entire image to properly expose the subject in the foreground. 11 / 25 11

12 Product Features – 3DNR Exceptional Image quality
3DNR (3-Dimensional Noise Reduction) to improve picture quality at low lux. 12 / 25 12

13 Product Features Network and Configuration
Compliant with IEEE 802.3af PoE interface for flexible deployment Password protection and IP address filtering for security PLANET DDNS and Easy DDNS support UPnP® support for network setup and configuration RTSP / UPnP / HTTPS protocols selectable 13 / 25

14 Product Feature – PoE Power over Ethernet PoE Switch
The ICA-4230S incorporates IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard and able to be powered via the network cable from a PoE power sourcing equipment such as PoE switch and PoE injector. PoE Switch Compliant with IEEE 802.3af standard PoE interface. It can assist in locating cameras in places where there are no power outlets. 14 / 25

15 Product Features – User & ACL
Network Security The ICA-4230S features Account and Access List function to enhance network security. The cameras provide accounts creation with different privileges up to 10. Account Access List 15 / 25

16 Product Features - PLANET DDNS
Access anytime, anywhere Sign-in PLANET DDNS to register a simple domain name to access home device anytime, anywhere. Also its PLANET easy DDNS lets user easily use Planet DDNS function without manually adding new account. Already a planetddns user ? Log in now 16 / 25

17 Product Features Easy Installation and Management
3-axis mechanical design ONVIF compliant for interoperability Motion detection, privacy mask and image snapping Intelligent motion / audio / network disconnect / tamper detection alarm triggers Watermark prevents video from tampering Micro SD card local video recording supported Easy configuration and management via Windows-based utility or web interface Smart Discovery Lite Software supported 17 / 25

18 Product Features – 3-axis Design
Easy Installation and Adjustment 3-axis mechanical design is for fast and easy adjustment of the camera’s viewing angle, allowing you to precisely position the camera . ICA-4230S 18 / 25

19 Product Features – Motion Detection
Motion Detection Areas/Trigger Once there is any moving activity in the specified area, the camera can soon send alarm, a message to the administrator by , live image to SIP-based video devices or upload video/picture onto FTP, Micro-SD and . Buzzer FTP Micro SD SIP

20 Product Features – Tampering
Camera Tampering and Audio Detection Once the camera attempts to be removed or specific sound is detected within camera’s surveillance range like glass breaking, the system will trigger action alarm automatically . 20 / 25 20

21 Product Features – Smart Discovery
Smart Discovery Lite Software Smart Discovery Lite software is included for ease of camera search and maintenance. 21

22 Applications Provides various surveillance applications
PLANET ICA-4230S can perform in various surveillance applications. It allows you to stream high-quality video to remote sites and mobile devices. With SIP protocol, it allows you to receive instant images and monitor remote site aggressively via SIP-based devices. Moreover, the cameras support 802.3af PoE interface, and facilitates the indoor surveillance applications without worrying the electric source.

23 Product Comparison ICA-4130S ICA-4230S ICA-HM131 23 / 25 Model
Features ICA-4130S ICA-4230S ICA-HM131 Sensor 1/2.5” 1.3MP progressive scan CMOS 1/2.5" 2.0MP progressive CMOS sensor 1/2.7" 2.0MP progressive scan sensor Lens Fixed Lens, 0.5 lux, F= 1.2, f=3.6 mm F= 1.2, f=4.0 mm Fixed Lens, 0.2 lux, F= 1.5, f=4.0 mm Angle of View 96/ 72 degrees 66/ 52 degrees Max FPS 1280 x 1920 x 1920 x Video Compression H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG H.264 / M-JPEG SIP - IR LED 10 meters ICR WDR / BLC BLC WDR 3DNR e-PTZ Digital Zoom only Micro SD ONVIF Profile S 23 / 25

24 Appendix Sales Target Target Markets Profitable Products
SMB Office / Home Security / Healthcare Facilities Hotels / Boutique stores / Restaurants IP Surveillance System Integrator Reseller Profitable Products The following are potential to all customers: IPX-330 / IPX-2100 / IPX-2500 / ICF-1700 CV3P / NVR-420 / NVR-820 / NVR-1620 FSD-504HP / FSD-804PS / FNSW-1608PS

25 Appendix Related Ultra-mini Cameras Model Name Description ICA-4130S
HD Ultra-mini SIP PoE IP Camera ICA-4230S Full HD Ultra-mini SIP PoE IR IP Camera ICA-HM131 H.264 Full-HD Fixed Dome IP Camera ICA-3110 HD Ultra-mini Bullet IR IP Camera ICA-3200 Full HD Ultra-mini Bullet IP Camera ICA-5250 Full HD Ultra-mini Vandal Dome New 25 / 25

26 Appendix Wireless Function Camera Type Camera Naming Rule ICA-4230S
0~4: Indoor 5~9: Outdoor Camera Type Resolutions Wireless Function Wi-Fi – W Camera Type Cube – 1 Box – 2 Bullet – 3 Dome – 4 Vandal Dome – 5 Speed Dome – 6 PTZ – 7 Fisheye – 8 Resolutions VGA / D1 - 0 1M / 720P - 1 2M (Full HD) - 2 3MP - 3 4MP - 4 5MP - 5 Camera Function Vari-focal – V Industrial – T Cloud – CLD SIP – S

27 Appendix Must Know Technical Zone Bandwidth and Video Size Estimation
The frame rate of video transmitted from the Internet Camera depends on connection bandwidth between client and server, video resolution, codec type, and quality setting of server. Here is a guideline to help you roughly estimate the bandwidth requirements for your Internet Camera. The required bandwidth depends on content of video source. The slow motion video will produce smaller bit rate generally and fast motion will produce higher bit rate and vice versa. Actual results generated by the Internet Camera may be varying. H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG Bandwidth Usage Image Resolution Average Bit-Rate for H.264 mode Average Bit-Rate for MPEG-4 mode Average Bit-Rate for M-JPEG mode 320 x 240 (QVGA) 192kbps~512kbps @30fps 256kbps~768kbps @30fps 8 ~ 20k byte per frame 640 x 480 (VGA) 384kbps~1,536kbps @30fps 20 ~ 50K byte per frame 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) N/A 100 ~ 200k byte per frame 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) 600 ~ 1500k byte per frame 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) 1,536kbps ~ 200 ~ 500k byte per frame 2592 x 1944 (5MP) 1,800kbps ~ 500 ~ 1300k byte per frame


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