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2 DESCRIPTION The Caterpillar novelty seat has been designed for children aged between 4 and 11 years old. The friendly character and vibrant colours encourage children to interact with the seat. It has been designed predominantly for use in schools but has a wide range of applications such as the leisure industry, retail (service stations/shopping centres etc) and anywhere with a children's area.. The seat has a unique modular design which allows it to be installed in varying configurations to suit the environment and the application. As standard Munchy can seat four children. The standard unit comprises of a head moulding, 2 modular body mouldings (2 seat pans per body) and a tail. This will enable the standard unit to be assembled by the customer into a ‘U’ or ‘S’ shape. As an optional extra additional body mouldings can be purchased to create customer specific shapes and to increase the number of seats. Munchy can either be ground fixed using concrete anchor bolts or can be supplied with PVC feet for a free standing application. For additional security sand ballasting is available for the free standing option. WEIGHTS MATERIALS Head- 5.9kgHead/Body/Tail/ Nose/ Cover Caps- Durapol Body- 9.4kgEyes- Duratec Tail- 3kgFixings- Mild Steel Standard Unit Weight- 27.7kgFree Standing Feet- PVC DIMENSIONS TECHNICAL INFORMATION ‘S’ Shape Configuration ‘U’ Shape Configuration Body Section Page 1 of 8

3 PRODUCT FEATURES CATERPILLAR CARICATURE User Friendly Friendly face and fun design which looks appealing to children. The bright colours look exciting and will encourage children to sit on the seat. Safe There are absolutely no sharp edges to reduce the risk of injury. Versatile Customers can choose from a large variety of configurations i.e. circular shape, winding shape. The standard four seat unit can be assembled into two different configurations (see diagrams below). MANUFACTURED FROM DURAPOL Impact Resistant The Durapol mouldings offer excellent impact resistance and can withstand children jumping and playing on the product. Robust The double skinned moulding produces an extremely strong and robust component. Corrosion Resistant Durapol does not chip or corrode therefore no painting or surface treatment is required. Weather Resistant Durapol can withstand extremes of temperature and weather conditions. Ease of Maintenance Durapol is self coloured throughout therefore scratches are not easily visible. Environmentally Friendly Durapol can be 100% recycled after its usable life. Easy to Clean Durapol is impervious and can be easily wiped clean. Page 2 of 8

4 PRODUCT FEATURES INTERLOCKING SYSTEM Security The unique interlocking system ensures each module is securely locked together. Safe No finger traps as the seat modules are closely fitted and cannot be easily removed by children. SEATING User Friendly Integrally moulded seats provide a comfortable area for the children to sit on by either straddling the caterpillar or sitting side saddle. Drainage slots ensure rain water runs off as quickly as possible and minimises any pooling of water on the seat. FIXINGS Robust Six fixings per module ensure safe and secure assembly. Robust Can withstand the weight and force exerted on the seat by its user. Page 3 of 8

5 PRODUCT FEATURES FIXING CAPS Safety Fixing caps ensure all fixings are covered for safety as they have no sharp edges. Tamper Resistant Fixing caps are tamper resistant to reduce the likelihood of unauthorised removal of the product. User Friendly Colourful covers add to the overall child friendly aesthetics of the product. HEAD SUPPORT Safety Integrally moulded head support provides extra reinforcement and prevents tipping of the head. CONCRETE-IN ANCHORS Easy to Use Provides ease of installation into existing concrete foundations. Large bolts provide added strength to the joints. FREE STANDING FEET Versatile The product can be sited on a range of surfaces and does not need to be permanently fixed. Safety Provides good grip on smooth surfaces including wooden flooring etc. Head Support Page 4 of 8

6 OPTIONAL EXTRAS BRANDING AND COLOUR RANGE COLOUR RANGE The standard colour is Light Green. No other standard colours are available. The minimum order quantity for Glasdon standard colours is 20 (Purchasing/Technical Services are to be contacted to confirm the minimum order quantity before the customer is advised). For all special colours a typical minimum order quantity will be in the region of 35 – please refer to Technical Services. PERSONALISATION Personalisation is not available on this product. BRANDING One moulded in Glasdon badge (detailing the website) is located on the left hand side of the head and one oval Glasdon badge (see image) is located on the other side. EXTRA MODULE Increasing the Number of Seats Each extra module provides two more seats and comes complete with either ground fixings or free standing feet. The seat can be extended in the future if more seats are needed. Versatile Extra modules allow the customer to make a number of different configurations which will allow more children to use the product at once. INTERNAL BALLAST Security The ballast reduces the likelihood of unauthorised removal. The ballast will also keep the seat secure when in use. Page 5 of 8


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