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Shift Into High Gear the payment people Powerful Versatile ReliableSmart Introducing the Omni 3200 SE and Omni 3210 SE.

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1 Shift Into High Gear the payment people Powerful Versatile ReliableSmart Introducing the Omni 3200 SE and Omni 3210 SE

2 VeriFone Challenges for Acquirers & Processors “Make it easy for me to support my merchant customers.” “Give me a solution to quickly add to our portfolio that doesn’t add costs to development, certification, training and support.” “Merchants think payments are a commodity. I need a new fresh- looking solution to differentiate myself from the competition.” “Give me a solution that’s easy to sell, easy to install and easy to use so I can spend my time selling instead of supporting.” “We’ve invested a lot into the Omni 3200, and it’s proven to be a very successful solution. Help me protect that investment.”

3 VeriFone The Omni 3200 SE

4 VeriFone “I don’t want a terminal that needs to be replaced next year.” “I don’t have a lot of space on my counter and I hate clutter.” “I have a lot of clerk turnover. It has to be easy to learn and operate.” “I run a busy operation. My customers hate waiting in line.” “I may want to add debit or check authorization soon. Do I have to buy it all up front? “I want a reliable terminal that is built to last and doesn’t cost a lot to maintain.” The Merchant Environment

5 VeriFone Sleek Compact Design  Compact design minimizes clutter and saves counter space  Dimensions  Height: 79 mm  Width: 132 mm  Depth: 260 mm Two telephone ports eliminate expense of second line Requires just one electrical outlet, reducing the number of cables & connectors on the countertop RS-232 port & PINpad port support peripheral products such as PINpads and check readers

6 VeriFone Giving You an Edge: ATM-Style User Interface  Intuitive ATM-style look and feel  large graphical display can be seen in all lighting conditions  Bilingual support  simplifies training time in diverse markets  Function and screen-addressable keys results in faster transactions  Familiar interface  simplifies training and reduces clerk errors

7 VeriFone Giving You an Edge: Integrated Thermal Printer “Clam shell” printer facilitates drop-in paper loading to prevent jams and reduce calls to the help desk Hinged paper cover won’t get lost  Integrated printer means there’s nothing to assemble  Thermal printing is quiet  Reliable high-speed thermal printer results in faster transactions (13 lines/second)

8 VeriFone Giving You an Edge: Durable and Reliable  Hinged paper cover won’t get lost  Covered paper path virtually eliminates jamming and reduces calls to help desk  Durable keys stand up to wear and tear  Paper release lever allows for quick and simple paper roll changes  Thermal printer means no ribbon to change or ink to smudge or fade  Fewer moving parts result in reduced maintenance and repairs

9 VeriFone  Triple-track magnetic stripe reader supports:  credit, debit, EBT and even mag-stripe drivers’ licenses  1MB memory  plenty of room for application requirements like electronic gift card and loyalty programs Giving You an Edge: Supports Expanding Needs Supports PINpads, MICR check readers, smart card readers and other peripherals

10 VeriFone Generating Multiple Revenue Streams Gift Card World Gift Card Return Authorization The Return Exchange Check E-Chex PrePaid Everything PrePaid Pre-Solutions I2C APS

11 VeriFone 3210 SE Offers Additional Features Includes an integrated PINpad for PIN-based transactions Industry-standard key-management schemes such as Master/Session and DUKPT, and support for full Triple DES encryption to protect sensitive data Optional swivel stand allows the terminal to function as both a clerk- facing and customer-entry device Tamper resistance/tamper evidence features restrict unauthorized access to the Omni 3210SE terminal’s inner workings

12 VeriFone The Power of SoftPay

13 VeriFone Powered by SoftPay Provides the payment engine for the Omni 3200SE and 3210SE The single application framework that is flexible enough to meet all merchant payment needs Full payment capabilities for total solution Select options for merchant-specific differentiation Extensive reporting for better business knowledge Standard release updates meet changing industry requirements & features I N T R O D U C T I O N

14 VeriFone The Power of SoftPay for Restaurants M A R K E T S O L U T I O N S Tip adjustment function Allows servers to enter tip amounts for all transactions consecutively Open/close bar tab option Allows tabs to be open and closed with different cards IRS tip report Tracks and calculates the percentage of tips for each server including cash tips Server detail report Lists each transaction by server Supports all card quick service restaurant requirements Supports account truncation

15 VeriFone The Power of SoftPay for Retailers Automatic settlement Ensures merchants get best interchange rate Supports all special card types Including purchasing, commercial, and business cards Tip processing is supported Allows tips to be included in total transaction amount Supports account truncation M A R K E T S O L U T I O N S

16 VeriFone Configurable Receipt Printing  Supports multiple printing sizes  Receipts optimized for customer and merchant  Disable customer receipt for telephone orders 24 columns 32 columns42 columns M A R K E T S O L U T I O N S

17 VeriFone Robust Reporting Settlement Report Server Detail Report Parameter ReportTotals Report M A R K E T S O L U T I O N S

18 VeriFone Supported Peripherals: PINpad 1000 SE Secure PIN entry for debit and EBT transactions Full 3DES security and sophisticated key-management schemes protect PIN-based transactions Supports DUKPT and Master Session key management Large hard-rubber keys and a sleek new design that fits comfortably in the palm of a hand Offers full backward compatibility with legacy PINpad 1000 and PINpad 101 families

19 VeriFone CR1000i Check Imaging Device  Speeds up check processing  Check conversion and imaging are accomplished in a single step  Reduces check fraud at the point of sale  Makes check payments as convenient as credit card payments

20 VeriFone The Intelligent Choice for Today and Tomorrow  Full POS solution meets expanding needs of merchants  Modular peripherals allow merchants to add components when needed  Mounting stands support all necessary components

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