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What do you think of when you hear, “The Cold War”

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1 What do you think of when you hear, “The Cold War”
Warm Up: What do you think of when you hear, “The Cold War”

2 Chapter 15 The Cold War Begins

3 The Iron Curtain Falls on Europe
Section 1 The Iron Curtain Falls on Europe

4 Causes of the Cold War Philosophical Differences
Soviet Union: communism, totalitarian dictatorship United States: free enterprise capitalism, republic

5 Causes of the Cold War World War II Conflicts
Soviets wanted British and Americans to open a second front early in the war United States secretly developed the atomic bomb

6 Causes of the Cold War Postwar Conflicts
Soviet Union failed to live up to wartime promise of elections in Eastern Europe United States made efforts to resists Soviet Expansion

7 The Cold War The Cold War - An era of high tension between the United States and the Soviet Union

8 Iron Curtain After World War II, Soviet armies occupied Eastern Europe
USSR set up communist regimes in the occupied nations “Iron Curtain” divided Europe

9 American Response Containment Policy - the U.S. should resists Soviet efforts of expansion Truman Doctrine - provide financial aid to nations resisting communist expansion - First applied to Greece and Turkey

10 American Response Marshall Plan – financial aid to European nations to help Europe rebuild from destruction of World War II , the U.S. spent $13 billion in 17 nations Effects Helped rebuild European economy Provided a market for American goods Helped win support of European nations

11 Germany Postwar Germany was divided East controlled by Soviet Union
West controlled by U.S., Great Britain and France Berlin located in East Germany, was divided in the same manner

12 Crisis in Berlin The USSR did not like having a Western style government and economy in the middle of East Germany Blocked road, river and rail traffic to west Berlin in 1948 Residents without food, coal, basic necessities

13 Berlin Airlift Berlin Airlift - British and American airplanes began making nonstop deliveries Planes flew 7,000 tons of supplies a day Land, unload, take off After almost a year, the Soviet Union lifted the blockade


15 NATO Democracies of Europe knew they would be no match for massive Soviet armies Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the U.K created an common defense alliance in 1948 U.S., Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Norway & Portugal joined the alliance in 1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) An attack on one member nation was considered an attack on all Greece, Turkey & West Germany joined in the 1950’s Today, there are 26 member nations

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