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Preparing an Effective Elevator Speech How to Introduce Yourself & Your Company to Investors February 2012 1.

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1 Preparing an Effective Elevator Speech How to Introduce Yourself & Your Company to Investors February 2012 1

2  Overview  Sample elevator pitch  How to…..  Deconstructing  Working exercise  Q&A 2 Agenda

3 Overview  Introduction Group125 V. Michael Eitler III Marshall J. Morris  Discussion This is an investor pitch How to construct an elevator speech Do’s and don'ts 3

4 Sample Elevator Speech (for Investors)  Group125 Introduction (given as an elevator pitch) “Hello, I am Mike Eitler. I am Managing Partner and Co- Founder of Group125, a management consulting firm that helps business owners Sell, Grow and Operate their companies more profitably. For companies experiencing rapid growth or declining profitability, we can help them create shareholder value by leveraging our extensive experience and expertise. We work with family owned, privately held and publicly traded companies. We are a national firm based in Tampa, delivering our services to early stage, high growth and mature businesses across a wide span of industries and markets.” 4

5 How to – Outline  Why  Goals  Components  Steps  Perfecting 5

6 How to – Why?  What is an “Elevator Speech”  Who should be interested  Why you should be interested 6

7 How to - Goals  Get the listener interested  Make the listener want more….. 7

8  Product or service  Sales market  Revenue model 8 How To - Components

9  What is your product or service Briefly explain your product of service What is your value proposition Avoid long explanations Do not go into technical detail 9 How To - Components

10  What is your sales market Who are you selling to What industry are you in How large of a market opportunity is there 10 How To - Components

11  What is your revenue model How do you make money Is it one-time or recurring revenue Is the industry growing or contracting 11

12 How To - Steps  Use an outline approach Understand your audience, the investor How does the investor benefit Be efficient in your words (50-100 words)  Opening sentence – grabs interest and summarizes  Simplify, be concise and be memorable 12

13 How To - Perfecting  Practice, practice, practice  Be flexible 13

14 Deconstructing the Sample Pitch 14

15 Working Exercise  Chuck Smith is President of H2O Tech  H2O Tech’s software monitors ground saturation to remotely control sprinklers  Revenue is generated similar to a security monitoring company, like ADT  Company is 3 years old with 100 successful installations  They have used $250,000 of angel investments  Seeking $1 million to fund expansion beyond Tampa Bay area into the Southeast USA  Sales channels may include: big box and specialty retailers, landscape companies, utilities and e-tailers 15

16 About Us Group125 is an executive services firm made up of seasoned CFOs who understand the strategic thinking required for ambitious growth, as well as the operational need for fiscal efficiency. We don’t just offer advice. We join in, roll up our sleeves, and help companies from start- ups to middle market companies meet the demands of growth, success and performance. We identify the best pathways to solutions that create new opportunity and long-term value. Our partners and associates have been on the front-line of strategic initiatives, financial and operational performance, startup and high- growth environments, and transactional readiness and support services for more than 25 years, serving a wide range of industries and markets. We’re only a handshake away from providing proven results for private equity firms, intermediary service providers, banks and lenders, family businesses, lawyers, entrepreneurs, private investors, strategic and financial acquirers, work-out professionals, businesses seeking capital and firms in transition reach their goals. How can we help you? 16

17 For all domestic and international inquiries, find out more by visiting us at or contacting us at or 1(813) 321-7360 17

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