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Buying A HUD Home Realizing the American Dream of Home-Ownership and a Presentation on how you BID on a HUD HOME Contact us at

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1 Buying A HUD Home Realizing the American Dream of Home-Ownership and a Presentation on how you BID on a HUD HOME Contact us at

2 Interactive Question and answer session after presentation

3 This Presentation on buying a HUD Home is presented to you by Carrington Real Estate Services Presented by Colin Rosenthal TEL 214-704-4005 C 972-625-2612 O FAX 214-666-3227 &

4 Your Client has the opportunity of Realizing their dream of home- ownership when buying a HUD Home

5 Looking for a HUD home Make sure Your Client is Pre-Approved and you have the lender letter or proof of funding available before bidding. HUD Will allow a maximum of 3% towards closing costs. HUD does not pay Title Insurance Now is the Time to Look for a HUD Home and help you buyer save money

6 You Broker must have a NAID number and you must be Registered under Their NAID number You cannot bid without being registered….You must have a user id on

7 Mortgage Service

8 Registering on


10 Carrington Real Estate Servicies Is a registered HUD Listing Agent with Matt Martin Real Estate Management one of 3 Management companies in the DFW Metro-Plex

11 HUD Will only assist with 3% Max in closing cost assistance and does not pay for the Title Policy You can bid whatever you wish to but please remember that HUD will only allow a maximum of 3% in closing cost assistance. If bidding higher than asking price please add that amount to the 3.5% down payment required for FHA laon.

12 Please go to the

13 Enter State City, Zip or Property Case Number State Case Number Zip Code City

14 Today there is only one home available in Little the case number to proceed

15 Here you can tell when the bidding starts

16 Bidding time period daily at midnight in this instance Bidding Period

17 Available only to Owner Occupants and 7 days to BID

18 The listing information and the insurability

19 This home is insured with $550 in escrow

20 Insurability All homes purchased with an FHA loan must pass the appraisal and be 100% FHA Insured. In this instance the home is insurable with $4840 in escrow repairs. This mean you would add $4840 to the loan which will be held in escrow for the needed repairs to close the loan

21 HUD will only allow a maximum of $5000 in repairs for FHA 203B This is with a normal FHA loan called a 203B plus repair loan If more than $5000 is needed than we would go with a FHA 203K loan which will allow up to $30000 in repairs and escrow

22 Here is an example of the online addendum and links available on each listing

23 What repairs are needed and where can you find the list? Addendums

24 Disclosure addendum (TOP)

25 Property Condition Report

26 When will I know if my client has the home? Normally you will know by lunch-time on the day after the bidding ends if you have won the bid on the home…It takes 45 days to close on a regular 203B and 60 days to close on a 203K

27 Investors and Programs

28 You have received your acceptance E-mail

29 Here you will find everything you need

30 Here is the management information

31 You will receive an E-mail with a link to the self populating contract and addendum form. Please go directly to All necessary forms and amendments are available at this web-site for Matt martin properties Hud Pemco and Hud Hometelos are the other 2 management companies

32 You need your brokers signature Have your broker co-sign or have a letter giving you permission to sign on his behalf.

33 Starting January 27 th “BUYERS CHOICE” Buyer has option of Title Company Buyer pays for everything Make sure you get the closing costs HUD makes available to buyers

34 Selling Agent Responibility

35 Listing Agent Responsibilities

36 Title Company Requirements

37 You have 2 days To generate the contract and addendum (Populates automatically) Have the buyer sign in blue Get the Earnest money in the form of a cashiers check Either overnight or personally hand in the complete package

38 This is all new Information Please E-mail me at and I will send you more information on “Buyer Select” once it comes in and an invitation to our presentation when we had it put together.

39 To Recap The buyer will have to pay all the Title company expenses including the Title Policy so asking for closing cost assistance in absolutely necessary. Up to now the allowable closing cost was always 3% (It may now be higher I don’t know?) The buyers (Selling) agent will have to deliver the EM check to the listing agent within 48 hours. The Buyers agent will have to fill in the closing company addendum … Make sure you call the listing agent before submitting and ask for help.

40 Please feel free to contact me 7 days a week

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