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+ Malinda Todd Associate Director, NC REAL Engaging Entrepreneurs Through Action Learning.

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1 + Malinda Todd Associate Director, NC REAL Engaging Entrepreneurs Through Action Learning

2 Who Is NC REAL? NC REAL is a non-profit organization that works with all levels of education in communities to provide entrepreneurial training NC REAL’s Mission Statement: Developing entrepreneurial talent and fostering the creation of sustainable enterprises

3 NC REAL Believes…. Entrepreneurship education should be available to all On-going support and professional development for educators in entrepreneurship education is critical Experiential, student-centered learning provides the best means for students to accomplish work that is relevant to them and their communities Entrepreneurship education must build upon and be supported by the needs of communities EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, COMMUNITY FOCUSED

4 How Does REAL Work? NC REAL Community College K-12’s Community Organizations REAL Graduates REAL operates on a Train The Trainer Model

5 What Makes NC REAL’s Curricula Unique? The Experiential Learning Process ReflectionExpansion ExperienceApplication “Tell me, and I forget, Show me, and I remember, Involve me, and I understand.”

6 + The REAL Story… Then and Now REAL started 27 years ago in Georgia and North Carolina working with High School students NC REAL expanded the offerings of REAL by creating the adult curriculum REAL now has 3 adult curricula and 4 Youth curricula Today REAL Entrepreneurship is offered in: Over 40 Community Colleges Over 50 K-12 Schools Over 30 Community Organizations

7 + REAL Curriculum Development and the Community College Early 1990’s schools began to use REAL as a curriculum course for Business Mid 1990’s schools begin to incorporate REAL into their continuing education courses often through the Small Business Centers. NC REAL partners with community college instructors to develop courses and seminars to meet the needs of their students. 2010-2014- Development of Agriculture, Healthcare and Craft Artist Entrepreneurship Curricula

8 + Partnership with Community Colleges- the cornerstone of REAL Lisa Rolan- Small Business Center Director of South Piedmont Community College

9 + Ways We Partner- Facilitator Trainings Community College instructors learn how to use the REAL curriculum and teach experientially at REAL Workshops Each instructor develops a course plan on how to use the REAL curriculum for their students– seminars, courses, workshops

10 + Ways We Partner- Joint Projects NC REAL or partners apply for grants to carry out community and regional projects Projects include trainings for the local instructors Usually involve courses, workshops and competitions for youth or adults Partnered with Robeson Community College to create agricultural entrepreneurship course and business plan competition

11 + Ways We Partner- Curriculum Development NC REAL often works closely with colleges to develop courses that meet the needs of their students Community college faculty serve on curriculum teams New courses are often tested at colleges Currently working with Haywood and Western Piedmont and other western community colleges to develop a craft artist entrepreneurship curriculum

12 + Ways We Partner- System of Feedback Use In-Service Seminars to solicit feedback and to role out new products Hold conference calls with partners when in development Hold beta tests with partner clients REAL Online developed based on feedback from partners and currently in testing with clients from New Generations

13 + REAL Uses a Community Focus in Entrepreneurship Education The goal of REAL is to create local businesses that fuel the economies of our communities Incorporated throughout curriculum- core feasibility activity is Mix and Match Through our close community partnerships we have found that specialized courses– Agriculture, Healthcare, Arts, Construction can lead to better outcomes.

14 Community population geographic size demographic profile of residents existing industries and businesses competition values and lifestyle needs (existing and potential) Resources financial (cash, investments) human (family members, employees, advisors) natural (climate, terrain, etc.) manufactured (buildings, infrastructure, equipment) location (proximity to other resources) Entrepreneur skills and abilities training received financial requirements hobbies and interests values, work ethic time available age, maturity level drive, ambition personality Business Opportunity

15 + Specialized Curriculum has Many Advantages for Locally Focused Entrepreneurship Able to target a desired or growing industry Easier recruitment- partners provide individual invitations Smaller market leads to more strategic marketing Word of mouth is more effective

16 + Specialized Curriculum has Many Advantages for Locally Focused Entrepreneurship Teaching marketing can be more specific to the field In Healthcare Entrepreneurship students work as a group to map all the healthcare businesses in their community to figure out where the need is. In Agriculture Entrepreneurship, local market representatives present to the group and share how to access the various markets in their community

17 + REAL Online incorporates Action Learning and Community Focus Incorporates local mentor component Interactive lessons with other students Shares stories from other entrepreneurs from rural communities Maintains Business Planning Journals on site Students develop business plan and business presentation

18 + Upcoming Trainings REAL Agricultural Entrepreneurship Facilitator Workshop October 28-29, 2013, Raleigh REAL Institute February 24-28, 2014, Wrightsville Beach June 23-27, 2014, Blowing Rock REAL Health Care Entrepreneurship Training March 13-14, 2014, Western Piedmont Community College More upcoming trainings available at

19 + Come Join Us!!!

20 + Contact Information Shannon Gallagher Eastern Regional Associate 3739 National Drive, Suite 100 Raleigh, NC 27612 919-448-8015 Malinda Todd Associate Director 3739 National Drive, Suite 100 Raleigh, NC 27612 919-781-6833 ext.126 NC REAL Entrepreneurship Tonya Wilson Snider Western Regional Associate 3739 National Drive, Suite 100 Raleigh, NC 27612 919-491-7572

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