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Veterans Outreach and Transition Assistance SACRAO 2014 Raleigh, North Carolina.

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1 Veterans Outreach and Transition Assistance SACRAO 2014 Raleigh, North Carolina

2 Walter Stewart Coordinator of Veterans Services Tina Collins University Registrar


4 Today’s Topics Overview of UAB Veterans Services Challenges Faced by Veteran Students and Families Strategies for Optimizing Service to Veterans Transition Support

5 Veteran Services at UAB 1100 Veterans and Family Members (500 Vets) Two full-time staff members Four VA work study student employees Responsible for: Recruitment Counseling Certification

6 Military Friendly Initiatives at UAB Books for Vets Information sessions Cookouts Updates on latest VA trends Student Veterans Association

7 The Reality College campuses are starting to see a influx of veterans seeking an undergraduate education Veteran students face many challenges

8 Financial Challenges Testing into remedial classes (some benefit programs don’t pay for classes not required for degree) Late fees assessed when there is a delay in the processing of benefits Non-resident tuition rates (often 3x the instate rate) Large out-of-pocket expense Note: Several states waive waiting period required for military students to meet instate residency


10 Academic Challenges Frustration when military experience doesn’t transfer as academic credit Missing class due to service-related medical appointments Having to take certain number of classes in order to avoid a reduction in benefits Academic skills may need to be refreshed

11 Social/Personal Challenges Creating a balance between work and school Feeling “isolated” from the traditional college student Having to support their families Marital and family issues

12 Physical/Mental Challenges Anxiety Depression PTSD Traumatic Brain Injury Service-related injuries

13 Best Practices for Serving the Military Population Provide opportunities for vets to connect Start a student veterans organization Ensure after-hours services for students who work during normal business hours Create a veterans center Hire vets through the VA’s work-study program

14 Best Practices (con’t) Offer housing options for veterans Award credit for military coursework and experience Track veterans enrollment and progress Identify ways to get vets to self-identify Establish consistent and transparent credit transfer policies Clearly communicate policies on military transfer credit


16 Transition Support Establish a primary point-of-contact for veteran students Train faculty and staff on veterans’ issues Connect veterans with non-veteran student groups Maintain contact with students who are deployed Waive late fees; exempt these students from being dropped for nonpayment

17 Transition Support (con’t) Provide scholarships/in-state tuition for veterans and their family members Train faculty and staff on military culture Consider changing the name of the campus Disability Support Services office (e.g. Center for Accessibility and Support)

18 Transition Support (con’t) Advise student veterans on career choices Partner with Career Services to prepare students for resume creation, job interviews, internships Collaborate with Human Resources to identify campus positions for veterans upon graduation


20 Resources VA Work Study Program Application: The American Council on Education The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

21 Additional Resources Handbook: From Combat to Classroom (Understanding Student-Veterans & Servicemembers


23 Contact Information Walter Stewart Tina Collins

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