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Parent Open House August 26 th & 29 th. » Introductions » Success from 2011-2012 » Goals and focus for 2012-2013 » Parent Involvement » Communication.

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1 Parent Open House August 26 th & 29 th

2 » Introductions » Success from 2011-2012 » Goals and focus for 2012-2013 » Parent Involvement » Communication » Experiential Fundraisers » Programing and events ˃Edge ˃Life Teen » Open Forum

3 Lead Teens Closer To Christ ˃Present the celebration of our Eucharist in a dynamic way ˃Spread the teachings of Christ & The Church ˃Providing an experience of being loved & accepted within the community ˃Fostering a personal relationship with Christ

4 ItemThenNow Youth Ministry LeadershipVacant2 programs with 2 leaders Youth Group Participation12-15 in attendance30-40 in both programs Core Team1 Core Member20 between Edge/Life Teen Retreats and EventsMinimalSeveral times-monthly School Presence/RelationshipsMinimalSt. Jude M.S. 4 High Schools Youth CenterOutdated & run downMajor overhaul Parent Involvement/PresenceMinimal & inconsistentConsistent and Regular Teen LeadershipNo platform & inconsistentYouth Leadership program Life Teen BandDid not lend itself for teens to actively participate Teen supported and leadership with extensive life teen background Mission Trip ExperienceNone30 people (Teens & Adults) Family InvolvementNot part of the programCookouts, Trips and Family Life Nights (Xmas and End of Year) Priest Presence/InvolvementNot included or askedInvolved with most events Summer ProgrammingscatteredCamps, meetings, trips ConfirmationLacked relevance & enthusiasmAdaptation of Oneight program

5 Item/TaskNowTarget Youth Group Participation30-40 in both programsconsistent growth, greater reach Core Team20 between Edge/Life TeenContinually recruit & train Retreats and EventsInitial introduction of certain models and themes Consistency & tradition meeting appealing to various groups School Presence/RelationshipsSt. Jude M.S. 4 High SchoolsLong standing relationships Youth CenterMajor OverhaulOngoing upgrades Parent Involvement/PresenceDeveloping foundationImplementation of “Parent Life” Teen LeadershipLaunched program & identification of interested teens Opportunities for leadership everywhere with the right support Life Teen MassAt a point where teens can now be involved, with the right support behind them A Mass where young people serve in all areas that lay people are invited to serve Summer ProgrammingCamps, meetings, tripsSupport and grow off “last year” ConfirmationAdaptation of Oneight program Facilitated by teens Parish RelationshipsEstablishing with Men’s Club & Women of St. Jude Bridging the gap with other Parish ministry programs

6 Serves youth ministry through various opportunities and events in addition to building community, supporting each other, and growing spiritually together.

7 » Kitchen Crew ˃spreading the responsibility among families to assist with Sunday night meals/snacks or special events. Providing Kitchen Crew assistance on St. Jude sponsored retreats/events (i.e. Junior/Senior retreat or ski trip)… » Transportation Crew: ˃Assist with transporting teens to offsite events, as needed, such as service projects, retreats, and other special events » Formation Crew ˃Spiritual support for the success of the youth ministry programs at St. Jude. Prayer chains, Mass offerings and parent to parent support » Hospitality Crew ˃Provide logistical support for special events pertaining to youth ministry. This group will assist the Core team as well as Parish Staff in set up or tear down, on an as needed basis.

8 » Parent Gatherings ˃Build community with other parents ˃See handout » Women of St. Jude » Men’s Club » Family Life Nights ˃Christmas ˃End of Year » Summer Cookouts

9 » Sunday Meal Volunteers ˃Each family is responsible for assisting in providing Sunday meals ˃Need volunteer(s) to act as point of contact +Assists with reminders and making sure dates are covered » Life Teen Liturgy Team ˃Volunteers to assist in coordinating ˃Parents to encourage their teens to participate » Parent to parent outreach ˃Reaching out to families getting them involved with youth ministry

10 » Getting informed ˃Facebook fan page +St. Jude The Apostle Life Teen ˃Email blasts ˃Life Teen Mass song sheets and announcements ˃Bulletin & web site ˃Parent Life Gatherings ˃Monthly calendars ˃Phone call or email away

11 » November 10 th, 2012 ˃Improv Comedy Night +St. Jude Life Teen & Edge Present “Comedy Night” in the Ministry Hall with improv comedians from Dad’s Garage » February 15 th, 2013 ˃Taste of Lent +Food, Fellowship and a crowning of the best meatless dishes!

12 » Registration Form » Back to the Beach Kick Off » Semester Calendar » 2013 Edge Summer Camp



15 » Yearly Calendar » Youth Leadership Program » COPE Retreat » SEARCH Retreat » Abbey Youth Fest » Junior Senior Retreat » Sonfest Beach Retreat » Parent Teen Mission Experience » Steubenville Conference » Youth Leadership Training


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