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‘Made in Ontario’ Model

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1 ‘Made in Ontario’ Model
“Invested in Student Success” Debora Ferrari & Susan Magerman Centrally Assigned SWAC Teachers (TDSB) Shelagh Taber Walsh SCWI Program Coordinator (GBC) Laura Reynolds Instructional Leader, Student Success & Experiential Learning (TDSB) Laura

2 SWAC ‘School Within A College’
SCWI Approved Models Formal partnership between GBC & TDSB 2 Dual Credits GLS & RCR & CO-OP The primary focus continues to be on students facing challenges in graduating, but who have the potential to succeed in college. Age: 17-20 22 credits OSSLT ENG 4C Laura Students remain registered at their OSR school

3 SWAC GBC/TDSB Team TDSB (Experiential Learning & Student Success |Learning to 18) Central Coordinating Principal Central Coordinating Vice Principal Program Coordinator Instructional Leaders Centrally Assigned SWAC Teacher Centrally Assigned Dual Credit Teacher George Brown College (Community Partnerships Office) Director of Community Partnerships Educational Partnerships Manager College Faculty Coordinator of Educational Projects Student Support Workers/Child & Youth Workers Laura

4 TDSB Years of Action Laura 5 strategic directions

5 George Brown College Inspired by a commitment to achievement through excellence in teaching, applied learning and innovation: We will set the benchmark to which all colleges will aspire, and be recognized as a key resource in shaping the future of Toronto as a leading global city. We will build a seamless bridge between learners and employment as we develop dynamic programs, and workplace-ready graduates who will be the candidates of choice for employers. We will create a community of life-long learners, grounded in the principles of access, diversity, mutual respect and accountability. Shelagh

6 George Brown College We are the George Brown College department dedicated to large scale, collaborative projects with partners to create pathways to post-secondary futures. The intention is to reach students within unique communities who might not otherwise consider post-secondary education. Together, we strengthen individuals and communities through education. Shelagh

7 SCWI Approved Model DUAL CREDITS IN SWAC: Introduction to Psychology
Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9: :00 GBC St James Campus GLS401 + Credit Recovery Dual Credit General College Education Course A Course B & Experiential Learning LUNCH 1:00 - 4:00 OSR School 2 Credit Co-op (Monitored and tracked by Co-op OSR School) DUAL CREDITS IN SWAC: Introduction to Psychology Speaking with Confidence Film Studies Forensic Psychology Evolution of Popular Music Deb POTENTIAL of 8 CREDITS in 1 SEMESTER

8 SWAC GLS40 Credit Grade 12 Advanced Learning Strategies
In this course, students will: Learn to self-assess Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, Career Aspirations Learn to self-advocate Develop literacy skills (reading & writing) Develop essential skills & work habits Prepare & plan for transitions Build self-confidence “…SWAC has helped me see my life beyond high school and (understand) what it takes to succeed in College and beyond.” Shonee D., SWAC Student 2013

9 SWAC Credit Recovery CREDIT RECOVERY Students:
COURSE WORK CHOICE BOARD ASSIGNMENT(S) CULMINATING REPORT EXAM SUMMARIES Students: Improve literacy and learning skills Develop independent skills and responsibility Students are supported by: GBC Student(s) in Child & Youth Worker program GBC Staff Student Teachers Student upon learning that he had 91% attendance in April: “You know at my old school, this would have been 0%. I’m really happy to be in this program.” Brandon F., SWAC Student 2013

10 GLS40 Curriculum & Experiential Opportunities
CONNECTED TO GLS40 Examples include: Teambuilding at Outdoor Education Centre Tours/Fairs Skills Canada/OYAP Youth Employment Toronto College Workshops Financial Literacy HotDocs/Film Literacy Disability Services DSO Deb

11 SWAC College Services/Supports
Academic Advising Disability Services Breakfast program Career Exploration/Advisory sessions Counselling Athletic Centre Library & Learning Commons Co-op placements at GBC Community hours Student Success Workshops (essay writing & presentation skills) Exploration of College programs (health sciences, trades, graphic design, make-up and esthetics, etc.) Participation in College Events (e.g. Sister to Sister & Stand Up conferences) Deb & Shelagh

12 SWAC Student Recruitment
Program Promotion (March-May / Oct-Dec) System-wide promotion: Direct Line Academic Workspace Guidance e-blast SS updates E-Monthly SWAC/DC updates VP Meetings SS Team Days External/Internal Websites Lunch & Learns/PD School Visits myBlueprint Teacher meetings Outlook message contains interactive graphic Laura

13 SWAC Student Registration
Laura Registration online Data from Trillium Ability to enter school contact name Ability to run reports for Ministry Reporting Automated messaging for updates

14 SWAC Student Recruitment
Mandatory GBC (Nov/May) Student Information Session at GBC Only students who attend will be considered for an interview Student Interviews (Dec/June) Teams with 1 GBC & 1 TDSB representative Students come to interview with: Interview Questionnaire Credit Counselling Summary Attendance Record IEP (if applicable) Student Index Card Co-op Application Susan

15 SWAC Interview Materials

16 Acceptances/Recommendations
Successful Candidates Schools receive an Acceptance Package with: Acceptance Letter/Orientation details Consent Forms (GBC & SCWI forms) Timetabling instructions/TDSB Media Release forms/Excursion Forms Unsuccessful Candidates Schools receive individual feedback about recommended alternate programs, e.g.: Dual Credits Co-op at OSR School Credit Recovery at OSR School OYAP Susan

17 Updates on Student Progress
Formal Communication with OSR School Daily (Trillium) / monitoring and tracking reports Midterm Report Final Report Susan

18 Summer SWAC programs Cohort 1: Power Your Future Compressed delivery
4+ week program GPP Leadership + Dual Credit Cohort 2: 5 week program Grade 12 English + Dual Credit Cohort 3: Credit recovery + Dual Credit Shelagh

19 Summer SWAC Application
Shelagh & Susan 1

SWAC Success Data Laura OVERALL SUCCESS OF THE PROGRAM Student Retention : over 95% Secondary credits attempted vs. earned: over 86% success rate Dual Credits earned: over 86% success rate

21 Student Voice – Student Panel
SWAC Student Panel: Farah Mohamed Michelle Harrypaul Tate Chevolleau Deb & Susan

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