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CULVER-STOCKTON COLLEGE EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION James M. Cosgrove Professor of Business Eric Larson Lecturer of Business 1.

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1 CULVER-STOCKTON COLLEGE EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION James M. Cosgrove Professor of Business Eric Larson Lecturer of Business 1

2 CHANGING EDUCATIONAL LANDSCAPE Expectations of Students and Parents Changing Attitude Toward Costs and Loans The Electronic Student Attention Spans Collaboration Communication 2

3 ADVANTAGES Engages Students in the Classroom Gives Students Ownership Gets Students Out of Classroom Improves Student Attendance Improves Communication in Classroom 3

4 PROCESS FOR CHANGE AT CSC Needs Administrative Support Create a Sense of Urgency Get Key Faculty Onboard Need to Adopt Strategic Plan 4

5 STRATEGIC PLAN FOR EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION AT CULVER-STOCKTON COLLEGE: A VISION FOR 2012-2022 5 Goal One: A Set of Outcomes That Distinguishes the College and Its Students Goal Two: A Plan for Providing Guidelines for our Experiential Learning Program Goal Three: A Robust Professional Development Component Goal Four: An Effective Infrastructure Goal Five: A Network of Affiliations/Associations Goal Six: A Plan for Ongoing Assessment and Other Data Collection Goal Seven: An Effective Marketing Strategy

6 NEW ADMINISTRATIVE POSITION Created Position of Associate Dean of Experiential Education Two Year Appointment to Interested Faculty who get release time 6

7 ASSOCIATE DEAN RESPONSIBILITIES Moves Program Forward Helps Faculty to Implement Facilitates Retreats and Conversations Educates Faculty about Experiential Education 7

8 ASSOCIATE DEAN RESPONSIBILITIES Keeps Faculty Talking and Planning Continually puts Experiential Education out front Connected CSC with NSEE, National Society of Experiential Education 8

9 NSEE STANDARDS Intention Preparedness and Planning Authenticity Reflection Orientation and Training Monitoring and Continuous Improvement Assessment and Evaluation Acknowledgment Source: 9

10 NSEE Gives the Program Outside Support Lends Credence to the Idea of Experiential Learning Can Provide Speakers, Statistics, Ideas, Information, Assessment 10

11 SOME MAY NOT......... Buy Into the Idea of Experiential Learning This is OK Take Baby Steps Find Area Where Faculty Is Willing Keep At It 11

12 EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Experiential Learning Can Be As Simple as a Class Presentation or Group Project OR As Challenging As a Trip Abroad Many Faculty Are Doing Experiential Learning and Just Do Not Realize It As Such 12

13 DESIGNATE CLASSES CSC Has Process to Designate Certain Classes as Experiential Process includes Obtaining Approval of Department / Division / Curriculum Committee 13

14 EXPERIENTIAL FORM Includes guidelines: 1. Intention 2. Preparedness and Planning 3. Authenticity 4. Reflection 5. Orientation and Training 6. Monitoring and Continual Improvement 7. Assessment and Evaluation 14

15 CURRICULUM REVIEW Review All Majors and Minors This is a Good Exercise Consolidate / Eliminate / Restructure / Create New Ones If Approach is to Create Experiential Opportunities - You Might be Surprised with the Result 15

16 ASSESSMENT Learn How to Assess NSEE Survey What to Assess Important to Know Students' Responses 16

17 SURVEY OF STUDENT ENGAGEMENT Academic Challenge Learning with Peers learning communities Experience with Faculty faculty research project Campus environment ace event program 17

18 EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL Travel - domestic, overseas, have a list go to presentation by Kim Gaither tomorrow 3 or 4 hour class EXP bucks How to accommodate Multiple Classes 18

19 EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING ACTIVITIES Flipped Classroom Projects e-Portfolios Internships Speakers BLE: Business Leadership Exchange new leadership initiative 19

20 EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING ACTIVITIES Trial Advocacy Mediation Minor Sustainability class or minor or specialization Dog Days Visit Day Murder Mystery National Guard Leadership Day 20

21 EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING GROUPS learning Communities - Honors and CJ Service projects 21

22 IMPLEMENTATION 12 week / 3 week semester flexible allows more time in class new problem - must control 3 week session for faculty and student 22

23 QUESTIONS 23 Culver-Stockton College

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