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Microsoft® Visual FoxPro® Roadmap Sedna

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1 Microsoft® Visual FoxPro® Roadmap Sedna
October 14, 2005

2 Keynote Roadmap Welcome Recent VFP team efforts VFP 9.0 SP1 beta
VFP Roadmap - Sedna Feature set overview and demos VFP stand-alone VFP interop with other Other interop with VFP VS 2005, .NET LINQ, and more Resources Summary

3 Recent VFP Team Efforts
SP1 for Visual FoxPro 9.0 Working on Sedna VFP-like features for future VS and .NET VFP community conferences and activities Meet team members here: Calvin Hsia, KenX, Milind Lele, Lance Delano

4 State of the VFP Union 5600+ participated in April 2005 VFP Survey online Less than half are now using VFP 9.0 51% have used VFP over 10 years 80% small company, 68% mid-size, 27% enterprise 71% maintaining apps, 69% new apps, 25% web apps 89% DBFs, 55% SQL Server, 22% MSDE 75% integrate Office with VFP apps 11% apps users, 43% 100+, 30% under 25 26% VS.NET, 21% XML WS, 25% ASP/ASP.NET, 35% COM 20% VB6, 13% VB.NET, 12% C#, 10% Java, 8% C++ 31% plan to use VS.NET within next 2 years 98% plan to using VFP within next 12 months

5 Remembering Drew and Brent Speedie

6 SP1 for Visual FoxPro 9.0 Service Pack 1 for Visual FoxPro 9.0
VFP 9.0 is very stable today SP1 beta available online Scheduled RTM end of 2005 EULA update for Free distribution of Xbase components via SP1 bug fix list online

7 Dev Tools Roadmap Developer Perspective
WinFX = Avalon + Indigo Native to Longhorn Add-on for WinXP Dev Tools Roadmap Developer Perspective Sedna VFP + .NET 1st half 2007 Yukon = SQL Server 2005 Whidbey = Visual Studio 2005 Even though Whidbey is scheduled for release in mid-2005 and Orcas is synchronized with Longhorn, these versions of Visual Studio will appear sooner for many developers who participate in the beta programs. In effect, 2004 is the year for many folks to get ramped up on Whidbey and Yukon, extending into the first half of The second half of 2005 and on into 2006 will probably be the ramp-up of Longhorn/Orcas early developer adoption activities.

8 Visual FoxPro Roadmap Stabilize Visual FoxPro 9.0 (SPs)
Compatibility with Microsoft platform Interoperability .NET Framework interop SQL Server 2005 (including Express version) VS DDEX Provider for VFP data Windows Vista compatibility WinFX - WPF (Avalon) output , WCF (Indigo) compatibility Office 12 (XML document I/O) Extensibility Xbase C++ DLLs using SET LIBRARY TO ActiveX controls New data-centric features for VS / .NET New data-centric features in VS 2005 LINQ (SQL, Objects, and XML) in future version of VS/.NET Sedna pricing and distribution determined in 2007

9 New Xbase Components Enhanced report system functionality MY Support
Enhancements for using report listeners Builders for report listeners Other report enhancements via Xbase MY Support Easy and quick access to common functionality Discoverability Extensibility Additional IntelliSense (FoxCode) features Additional GDI+ classes and samples Tool for VFP COM Type Libs

10 ActiveX Controls Include free ActiveX controls in Sedna
Provided by 3rd party vendor partnerships Possibilities include… ListView and TreeView Navigation Office like toolbars/menus Animation Calendars Data Input Dialogs Multi-Column Day View Other

11 Speaker: Craig Boyd SednaX
VFP community effort to create open source add-ons for Visual FoxPro 9.0.

12 .NET Framework Interop Audio Clipboard FileHTTP MapDrive StopApp
EncryptDecrypt PowerStatus Mouse Network Registry RegEx XML/XSLT XML Web Services

13 SQL Server 2005 Upsizing New Upsizing Support for SQL Server 2005
The current Upsizing Wizard is not up-to-date and only upsizes to a “compatible” mode New separate Xbase tool for SQL Server 2005 FFC based, possible UI on top Updates to Data Explorer in Task Pane

14 Windows Vista Integration
Create Vista API wrappers for VFP Over 3500 new API calls in Vista Expose via Xbase and/or SET LIBRARY TO DLLs User interface control System event handling Desktop searching

15 A Look Ahead to Avalon Unified approach to UI, documents, and media
Integration as part of development and experience Integrated, vector-based composition engine Utilizing the power of the PC throughout the graphics stack Ease of deployment Allowing administrators to deploy and manage applications securely

16 WPF (Avalon) Integration
Scenarios include combining VFP forms and WPF forms in one solution WPF form for VFP app home page/navigation WPF form with report summary, graphics, etc. WPF form with rich UI data entry Reporting output to XAML ReportListener classes to support output to XAML

17 WCF (Indigo) Integration
Update existing XML web service FFC to use Indigo instead of SOAP Toolkit Update IntelliSense and XML Web Service Builder Enhance XML web services FFC for Indigo Async Federation Security Reliability

18 Surprise Speaker: Randy Brown

19 Office 12 Integration via XML
Office 12 will support native PDF output Office 12 XML support add-ins for: Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003 Export VFP data to Office XML (Excel) Reporting output to Office XML documents

20 Speaker: Milind Lele VS DDEX Provider for VFP Data
ADO.NET provider for VFP Integration of the VFP data provider into VS Allows improved design-time experience in the Visual Studio IDE working with VFP data

21 Speaker: Rick Strahl Web Connection 5.0
Visual FoxPro 9.0 with Visual Studio 2005

22 Speaker: Calvin Hsia The LINQ Project
VB C# Others… .NET Language Integrated Query Standard Query Operators DLinq (ADO.NET) XLinq (System.Xml) Project LINQ Language integrated query is actually a platform-wide effort. The core is a set of API patterns that define how an object exposes query operations. Languages build features on top of those APIs. Components expose query services through those APIs. Both sides are fully documented and extensible. <book> <title/> <author/> <year/> <price/> </book> XML SQL WinFS Objects

23 Sedna Feature Areas VFP stand-alone VFP interop with other
Xbase add-on via extensibility ActiveX controls VFP interop with other .NET Framework interop SQL Server 2005 (including Express version) Windows Vista WPF (Avalon) WCF (Indigo) Office 12 (XML) Other interop with VFP VS DDEX Provider for VFP data VFP-like features in other VS 2005, .NET LINQ, and more

24 Visual FoxPro Resources
VFP web site on VFP 9.0 beta, whitepapers, and samples .NET resources for VFP developers VFP team member blogs Product support Community resources More MSDN Developer Centers Channel 9 on MSDN

25 Additional VFP Resources
Book: New in Nine: VFP’s Latest Hits Book: .NET for VFP Developers (SP1/Sedna sections) FoxPro Advisor Magazine FoxTalk 2.0 Newsletter CoDe Focus for VFP 9.0 VFP 9.0 retail prices same as VFP 8.0 MSDN Subscriptions LINQ reference information and free download:

26 Free from Microsoft for SWFox
200 What’s New in VFP 9.0 books 200 .NET for VFP Developers books 175 Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 DVDs 110 VFP ”x14” wall posters 150 VFP 9.0 dashboard jelly cell pads Raffle copy of Visual FoxPro 9.0

27 Have fun here at SW Fox!!! Summary Upgrade to Visual FoxPro 9.0
VFP 9.0 works great with VS 2005 VFP 9.0 works better with SQL Server VS SQL 2005 launch: Nov 7th 2005 VFP 9.0 case studies to market VFP Chat about VFP 9.0 online with others Work with the VFP team on Sedna Meet team members here: Calvin Hsia, KenX, Milind Lele, Lance Delano Have fun here at SW Fox!!!

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