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Safe City Mississauga – Crime Prevention Conference September 11 th, 2010 Len Paris Manager Campus Police Services 1.

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1 Safe City Mississauga – Crime Prevention Conference September 11 th, 2010 Len Paris Manager Campus Police Services 1

2 Welcome, Introduction & Overview The University of Toronto today The role of the Campus Police Services Challenges in policing a campus today Involving the campus community in crime prevention The importance of partnerships & good communications 2

3 The University of Toronto Today Three campuses 76,000 full and part-time students 8,482 International Students 10,800 Employees 255 buildings 3

4 Role of the Campus Police Special Constables Role is defined in the Governing Council policy and the Campus Police mandate Oversight by Peel Regional Police Services Board & Ministry Personal Safety & Crime Prevention Other mandated services 4

5 Other Services Protection of property Emergency response & assistance Conflict resolution Community services & referral Enforcement of laws, trespass, liquor, and University regulations & codes 5

6 Challenges in Campus Policing Mostly young adult population (17 – 25 years of age) Small Campus Police/security departments Free & open environment vs. safe and secure A feeling that crime does not happen here – “a sanctuary” 6

7 Challenges – Cont… Past violent acts at U.S. and Canadian universities & colleges Involving faculty in crime prevention Changing population and worried parents every year Controversial issues and speakers Expensive equipment & easy access 7

8 Services & Programs Provided On-line reporting by community Web sites – anti-graffiti, harassment, on-line safety Crime prevention & safety seminars Conflict resolution seminars Safe school visits training Criminal Harassment & sexual assault seminars 8

9 Services & Programs Provided – Continued… Drugs and Alcohol seminar for Orientation leaders Training for residence assistants and staff Students in Distress seminars Behavioural Intervention Team (Threat Assessment) 9

10 Services & Programs Provided – Continued … Cyber Academy with Peel Regional Police Emergency notification to students & staff (2 systems) Walksafer service Women’s Safety initiatives Safety audits & lighting surveys 10

11 Involving the Campus Community in Crime Prevention What is crime prevention? Crime prevention is defined as “the anticipation, the recognition, and the appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of action to remove or reduce it.” 11

12 Involving the Campus Community in Crime Prevention Crime prevention and crime reduction is a community responsibility Stakeholders must be involved in crime prevention issues and solutions There must be open communication and dialogue with the community Patience and persistence may be required to mobilize the community 12

13 Involving the Campus Community in Crime Prevention Reach out to the community for support of the crime prevention & safety efforts Link crime prevention & safety initiatives to the academic mission of the university Form strong partnerships and alliances Encourage students and staff to become problem solvers who actively seek ways to be part of prevention efforts 13

14 Harnessing What Works – Examples – Student Groups Partnerships with Women’s Centre and Student Councils: “Light the Night”, Dissolve Play, safety & lighting audits, self defense courses, financial support for their initiatives, safety materials, etc. Interim room (escaping violence) Student Emergency Fund 14

15 Examples – Student Housing Partnerships with Student Housing and Residence Life: Bi-weekly meetings with student housing staff & Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) Numerous crime prevention and safety seminars with this group 15

16 Examples – Student Housing Fire safety and fire drills CCTV monitoring and review Regular follow-up on crime and crime trends in residence areas Crime & safety alerts Planning and review of new residence construction (CPTED) 16

17 Examples – Staff Groups Partnerships with Staff: Behavioural Intervention Team - a multi-disciplinary team of professionals at UTM who strategize and address behaviours on campus that could evolve into high-risk or crisis situations Membership of the B.I.T. 17

18 Examples – Staff Groups Staff Committees and Training on Workplace violence, dealing with difficult behaviour, counterfeit money, safe school visits, appropriate referrals, crime & property protection, personal safety CCTV, intrusion alarms, crime alerts 18

19 Partnerships with Local Police Daily reporting on all campus crimes and serious incidents Alerted to events that may involve crimes or need for assistance Training initiatives Community outreach – Open House SPEAR program Mutual aid, respect and assistance 19

20 Questions & Answers Thank you 20

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