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CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS Preparing for your documentary.

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1 CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS Preparing for your documentary

2 Before You Enter the Field Review the topical and interview literature Develop the purpose of your study Develop research questions Design the interview Decide how to find and select respondents Determine how many respondents are needed

3 Ethics of Doing Interviews Beneficence – study must benefit participants. Respect for Persons - Treat individuals as capable of making decisions Get IRB Approval

4 Informed Consent Information must be given to participants any time data are collected from them Creates obligations and responsibilities for the researcher Participant consent must be given voluntarily Written in a manner participants can understand – clear and accurate

5 Elements of Informed Consent Identification of researcher and organization Purpose of study Features of research process Expected duration Possible risks and benefits How confidentiality and anonymity assured Any physical or psychological harms If deception is used To whom follow-up questions can be directed Participation is voluntary Can discontinue or refuse to participate without penalty Indication that participant should have copy of form

6 Conducting the Interview Select locations and times comfortable and accessible for respondents Best done in pairs – One to interview; one to take notes Establish context and frame for interview – Define situation, explain purpose, ask about taping the interview, ask if participant has any questions

7 Asking Questions Carefully construct questions to get the information you need or to prompt discussion Prepare and use an interview guide Ask relevant biographical questions to contextualize information Some questions should allow respondent to tell his or her own story Open questions are better than closed questions

8 Specific Strategies for Documentaries

9 After the Interview Debrief the participant – Summarize main points and new information – Ask if participant has any questions – Have them return a video/image release Thank the participant

10 Recording with Phones Light Background Noise Focus on the subject Stabilization – Use two hands LANDSCAPE MODE!!!

11 Lets Try It Work with your groups try to come up with 5 open ended questions. Second, come up with follow up probes to help you get more dialog for your participant. TIME DEPENDENT: Try Recoding one

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