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A commitment towards green economic growth & high quality of life City, Country Date, Year Name of speaker Function - Covenant of Mayors East Office.

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1 A commitment towards green economic growth & high quality of life City, Country Date, Year Name of speaker Function - Covenant of Mayors East Office

2 The Covenant at a glance Since 2008, over 4500 local and regional authorities all over the world are voluntarily committed to local sustainable energy

3 What is the Covenant of Mayors? The Covenant of Mayors is the fast growing mainstream European movement supported by the European Commission that involving local, regional and national authorities in the sustainable energy development and climate protection. It is based on a voluntary commitment of municipal councils to improve the quality of life of their citizens by improving energy efficiency and expanding usage of renewable energy that will result in at least 20% CO 2 emissions reduction by 2020.

4 Crude Oil Prices 1947 - October 2011 Why Covenant of Mayors? Fuel reserves in the World imposed time limits for carbonised economy Source: World energy statistic from on July 15, 2012 1,271,514,113,437 (barrels) Oil left 15116 days left to the end of oil 1,150,704,840,490 (boe)Gas left 60542 days left to the end of gas 4,400,276,483,657(boe)Coal left 151 713 days left to the end of coal

5 Covenant Signatories commit to: Developing a local sustainable energy and climate policy Adapt the administrative structure of the municipality to manage energy and climate policy implementation Choose a base year, develop a Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI) and Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and investment projects Involve citizens and other stakeholders to develop and implement SEAP Develop and publish periodic reports to show progress and results of SEAP implementation. Encourage other cities to join the Initiative.

6 The Covenant step-by-step

7 The battle for a secure energy future and against climate change is won or lost at local level ‘An estimated 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from cities and more than 70 percent of energy is consumed in urban areas.’ Covenant “philosophy”

8 Clean & affordable energy services + improved public services + better infrastructures + healthier environment + local actors feeling involved + business dvt & innovations + more jobs = quality of life What does the Covenant bring to a city?

9 Covenant of Mayors Today Over 4 500 signatories in 47 countries, including 61 signatories in COMO-East region ( 11 countries) 30 capitals joined the COM, including 3 in COMO-East region (Tbilisi, Kyiv, Chisinau) 121 regional and national authorities signed CTC/CNC partnership agreement with DG ENER, including 4 signed/in the process in COMO-East 75 associations of local authorities signed the CS partnership agreement with DG ENER, incl. 3 in COMO-East (EECU, CALM, NALAG)

10 What is the baseline emission inventory?

11 Cornerstone for development of operational documents: the SEAP defines concrete reduction measures, time frames and assigned responsibilities, which translate the long-term strategy into action What is a Sustainable Energy Action Plan? Political document: it must be approved by the municipal council. Strategic document, designed in collaboration with local stakeholders & citizens. Online catalogue of SEAPs at

12 SEAP submission and acceptation

13 CoMO-East Project: 4 principal missions Promotion of the CoM Eastwards Capacity building & training Helpdesk function and support all COM participants Support to JRC and COM-Grant projects Donors’ coordination for SEAP’s sector-wide approach (financing SEAP investments)

14 Twin activities with the Brussels office Two offices as a branch office of the Brussels office: - Address 1: 12 Ohienka Street, office 1-A, Lviv, Ukraine - Address 2: 74 Chavchavadze Avenue, Room 906, Tbilisi, Georgia. It helps and advises cities from 6 Eastern Partnership countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) and 5 Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) in their efforts towards sustainable energy. Covenant of Mayors East Office in Lviv and Tbilisi

15 Get specific help and advise in your cities’ efforts towards sustainable energy! EASTERN PARTNERSHIP COUNTRIES Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine CENTRAL ASIA Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

16 Covenant signatories in COMO-East region (April 2013) 1.Armenia: 1 signatory 2.Azerbaijan: 1 signatories 3.Belarus: 5 signatory 4.Georgia: 6 signatories 5.Kazakhstan: 1 signatories 6.Kyrgyzstan: 2 signatories 7.Moldova: 12 signatories 8.Tajikistan: 0 signatures 9.Turkmenistan: 0 signatories 10.Ukraine: 33 signatories 11.Uzbekistan: 0 signatories TOTAL61 signatories 8 SEAPs developed

17 The Covenant of Mayors is not “just another campaign” but a serious commitment by local authorities with reliable and quantifiable contributions to reducing the fossil fuels usage and the CO2 emissions due to long term and city-wide sustainable energy development. Every Covenant Signatory could benefit from an extensive support and networking opportunities provided by the Covenant of Mayors Offices, Covenant Supporters and Coordinators, Joint Research Centre, International Donors and other involved actors. Conclusions

18 Key Experts to answer your questions: Further online information: Available also in the national languages of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia ! Thank you for your attention!

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