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Strategic Projects The Ireland Wales Experience INTERACT – Rome, November 10 th 2011.

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1 Strategic Projects The Ireland Wales Experience INTERACT – Rome, November 10 th 2011

2 Ireland Wales Programme Area

3 Priority 1 Knowledge, Innovation and Skills for Growth Theme 1 – Innovation and competitiveness Theme 2 – Skills for competitiveness and employment integration Priority 2 Climate Change and Sustainable Regeneration Theme 1 – Climate Change and Sustainable Development Theme 2 – Sustainable Regeneration of Communities Programme Focus

4 Programme Budget ERDF Grant €52.7 million Match Funding€17.6 million Total Budget €70.3 million Max 75% grant for BOTH Irish and Welsh project partners

5 Ireland Wales – Call by Call Round 1Round 2Round 3Strategic Round Round 4 Round 5 Application s Received 142813321 17 Application s Approved 612529 TBD – Nov ‘11 ERDF Applied for per Round €18m approx. €35m approx. €12m approx. €10m approx. €13.7m approx. €23m approx. ERDF Committed €6.21m€16.6m€4.7m€6.2m€9m TBD – Nov ‘11 ERDF Remaining €43.3m€26.7m€23m€16.8m€7.9m Anticipated €200k

6 Ireland Wales – Latest Position Total Programme budget (ERDF)€52.7m Max. grant rate75% % of budget committed to date85% No. of approved projects to date33 (4 calls) No. of Irish organisations involved in approved projects 33 projects with IE partners, 8 IE lead Total no. of calls for proposals to date5 Any open calls for proposals?5 th call closed, decisions expected November 2011 Further calls for proposals expected?No

7 Strategic Call – Why? 1. Respond to need for greater strategic impact in Cohesion Policy 2. Assist with meeting N+2

8 Strategic Projects – What Aim for increased impact, influence and visibility Leave a legacy beyond the life of the programme Achieve a balance between top-down and bottom- up approaches Additional set of criteria/conditions

9 Strategic Call – Criteria  Highly developed levels of cross border cooperation  Clear relevance with the Programme’s Priorities and Themes  Strategic impact beyond the life of the Ireland Wales funding  Originality – It represents a chance to shape discussions regarding policy development in areas directly relevant to the programme.  Ability to commence operations speedily and spend to profile from the beginning

10 Strategic Projects – How 1. Exploratory discussion with PMC (January 2010) 2. Background research by JTS (February 2010) 3. Detailed discussion with the PSC (March 2010) 4. Detailed proposal sent to the PMC (April 2010) 5. Agreement to launch a Strategic Call (April 2010)

11 Strategic Projects – Generation Development Officers Standard Communication Channels Intense levels of support pre-submission ‘Normal’ call launched in 2010 also

12 Strategic Call – Process Call Launched – April 23 rd 2010 Call Closed – May 21 st 2010 Applications Received – 3 Applications selected by PMC June 16 th Applications selected – 2 Projects started – July/August 2010

13 Strategic Call – Appraisal Similar to main calls but with some changes Comply with Strategic conditions Core selection criteria only Projects selected by PMC not Steering Committee Other parts of process remain the same

14 Winning In Tendering Partners – Bangor University, Dublin City University, IIPMM Total Cost €3.74 million Total ERDF Grant €2.54 million Timeline 08/2010 – 12/2013 Website

15 Winning In Tendering 'Winning in Tendering' (WIT) is a strategic project aimed at transforming the public tendering experience of SME’s in Ireland and Wales. WIT will address skill gaps of SME’s (&public procurers) which inhibit the region's competitiveness & sustainable development via unique, innovative & complementary targeted interventions.


17 Smart Coasts Partners – Aberystwyth University, University College Dublin Total Cost €4.35 million Total ERDF Support €3.27 million Timeline 07/10-06/13 Website

18 Smart Coasts The core aim is to equip Irish and Welsh communities to maintain the economic and strategic value of near-shore waters to their economies. This will be done by facilitating application of new real- time management systems, first suggested by WHO and soon to be allowed within EU Directive criteria.



21 Strategic Projects – Latest Conditions broadly complied with External and internal challenges re quick spend Strategic doesn’t just mean big Subject to close JTS/MA monitoring Optimistic regarding outputs, results, impacts Can only judge success at a later date New regulations allow time to consider next move

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