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Sector Led Improvement in Health and Social Care 2015 Sarah Mitchell – Director of Towards Excellence in Adult Social Care 9 th January 2015

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1 Sector Led Improvement in Health and Social Care 2015 Sarah Mitchell – Director of Towards Excellence in Adult Social Care 9 th January 2015

2 Purpose Commence initial discussions on the 2015/16 Care and Health Programme, and: Explore how the programme can deliver better from a council perspective Develop a care and health SLI based offer for the sector Engage with stakeholders and seek their views on the broad scope and range of the programme 1

3 Programme objectives for 2015/16 Helping the sector to: Improve outcomes for local people Deliver better quality health and care Embed health and wellbeing boards as place-based health and care leaders Make health and care sustainable locally Increase public, regulator and government confidence in local health and care services Make the best contribution to service improvement and policy development 3

4 We will achieve our objectives by supporting: A sustained and embedded sector-led improvement to deliver excellence in social care and health locally Health and Wellbeing Boards to be effective system leaders Councils to implement and embed the Care Act reforms Local areas to implement the Better Care Fund Public Service Transformation Network to take a whole system approach to public services and funding The Integration Pioneers to remove barriers, promote confidence and spread good practice Efforts to best use and share data and intelligence Local areas to ensure those with complex learning disabilities are supported in their communities (Winterbourne View) An effective regional infrastructure 4

5 To achieve these, our activities will include: At a local level: –Providing an offer based on a local area’s needs –Local Account At a regional level: –Regional Account –Streamlining governance, regional delivery and improvement support arrangements At a national level: –National Account –Ensuring the offer is coherent –Ensuring that SLI is the approach that drives our offer and improvement in the sector –Completing the transition to one programme –Delivering efficiencies across the programme 5

6 Local health and care system BCF tools and clinics TEASC tools Pioneer delivery team Care Act tools / stocktake NHS England programme teams MSP tools HWB bespoke support Better Care Advisers Principal Advisers Deploy: Adult/Childrens Improvement Advisers HWB mentoring and development HWB peer challenge ASC peer challenge Commissioning Academy Outcomes Based Commissioning Framework System resilience tools HWB tools and guidance ICASE resources Leadership Centre enablers MSP leads National Information Board / informatics tools ASC efficiency programme WV principal advisers WV supported improvement advisers Winterbourne View tools Regional deputy directors (DH) 6 TEASC peer review Regional peer review How councils tell us they see us now…

7 How a council could see us…. Regional grouping of sector leaders and advisers, flexibly organised, develop collective insight of local and regional needs… 7 …The regional teams draw down national, regional and local resources to address identified local issues Children’s improvement advisers Adult improvement advisers Knowledge and insight Leadership and governance Finance and resources Operational delivery development Regional DCS Regional Chief Executive Regional DASS Regional Lead Member DASS Local health & care system CEO DCS Member

8 Drawing on system-wide tools and resources Commissioning Academy BCF analytics guides TEASC tools Care Act implementation tools / advisers MSP leads / tools HWB bespoke support HWB mentoring and development ASC / TEASC peer support Commissioning for Better Outcomes System resilience tools Leadership Centre enablers BCF clinics / advisers Best practice guides LGA efficiency modelling Self-evaluation tools Informatics group Health and Care Future model HWB networks HWB associates Local accounts and reporting ASC use of resources Personalisation / person-centred care tools TEASC advisers Winterbourne advisers / tools Care Act Surrey costs modelling Regrouped around key themes and approaches appropriate to local need… Leadership and governance Finance and resources Operational delivery development Leadership development and mentoring Peer support Best practice guides Risk management tools Use of resources tools Financial modelling and analytics Informatics Commissioning Workforce Networks / fora Self-evaluation tools Efficiency modelling Person-centred care Evaluation 8 Knowledge and information…

9 Gaining an understanding of local area needs… Softer Intelligence Data & analysis Adviser engagement with councils and areas Peer challenges and reviews External regulation Care Act stocktakes Annual reporting Local and regional reporting Bespoke support – HWB, ASC, safeguarding etc Sector “Insight” InsightProgressConfidence Local area progressing as expected – good progress and confidence Local area broadly as expected – good progress in some areas, challenges in others Local area potentially requiring support to overcome challenges of lack of confidence Informs bespoke support Winterbourne View Pioneers / leading edge programmes 9 Public perception BCF checkpoints Knowledge and information…

10 As expected Making good progress Confident about own deliverability/approach Potentially requiring support Facing a number of significant challenges Lacking overall confidence Councils/areas that are improving/implementing … Broadly as expected Generally making good progress, but… Challenges in a number of areas Access to nationally and regionally available cross programme products and tools Bespoke support Aligned support across the programmes Blended mix of support offered … Regular communications and co-ordination …To tailor a bespoke support offer Access to, and support from, Principal Advisers, Adult Advisers, regional networks and knowledge networks Cross programme Co-ordination … 10

11 Added value from other LGA products Stronger integration with other LGA offers, including: Leadership Academy Peer challenges adult care, corporate, finance, safeguarding Adult Social Care Efficiency Programme – Wave 2 Workforce (social work health check, recruitment & retention etc.) Communications 11

12 Any quick questions!

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