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SPRING 2009 STC Training NON-WRITING APRIL 9, 2009.

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1 SPRING 2009 STC Training NON-WRITING APRIL 9, 2009

2 Who is being tested? * Elementary Grades 3-5 English, Math, History and Science * Middle School Grades 6-8 English, Math, Civics and Science *High School ALL EOC Courses and Term Graduates

3 Who is being tested continued If there are pencil/paper materials needed for home bound, let us know ASAP. If any students can come to the school to test, please try to make that happen. DO NOT FORGET VIRTUAL SCHOOL Check IEPs again – we must account for every child in some manner.

4 TESTING WINDOW The testing window is May 4-21 for all paper/pencil tests. The testing window is May 4-22 for all online testing at the MS and HS. The week of May 25-29 will be for makeup tests (MS, HS) and expedited retakes at the HS. Preferably, all online testing will be complete by May 28, 2009.

5 Test Schedule Prepare a schedule for all test sessions whether paper/pencil or online – email a copy to me and to your IT person. Be sure to have makeup sessions and times in the schedule All paper/pencil testing must be complete by May 21. Check in for paper/pencil will be May 22, 26 and 27 – Call Mrs. Stickel for a time.

6 Continued Tests will take approximately 90 minutes. Remember – they are untimed so students can/may take longer. Have a plan if you need to move paper/pencil to one location and if a child will not finish until after the buses are gone. DO NOT move an online session. DO NOT begin a session if it cannot be completed before school ends.

7 Makeup Tests Our goal is to test every child eligible for a test. Be sure to have multiple make up sessions, if possible. DO NOT mark a student absent until the last makeup session is complete. Move them to another online session BEFORE starting/closing the session.

8 FORM MATRICES There are particular forms for every test for every level. Copies are in your folders. Notice the online tests forms are different from the paper/pencil tests. TERM GRADUATE FORMS ARE DIFFERENT FROM REGULAR TEST FORMS EXPEDITED RETAKE FORMS ARE DIFFERENT FORMS ALSO.

9 RECEIVING SECURE MATERIALS When secure materials are delivered, please verify you have what we said was delivered. Be careful to count PEM also. If there are any discrepancies, contact us immediately.

10 RETURNING TEST MATERIALS: Answer documents are due on May 22, 26 and 27. Have the header sheets completed with the group name on them. Place them in alphabetical order within each group. I will have a list of everyone who is to have an answer document and will check them off before you leave.

11 Continued DO NOT DESTROY ANY PRE-ID LABELS. Bring them in and we will determine how to handle them. EVERY STUDENT must have an answer document. EVERY STUDENT must be accounted for online and paper/pencil.

12 Forms Required at Check in Signed school security agreement Signed affidavit from your school (STC and Principal signature required) School transmittal form Test Booklet Assembly ID sheets for open packs of test booklets

13 Check in TEST booklets Please call Mrs. Stickel to schedule a time June 1-3, 2009. Return all test booklets in the original boxes. Put unused on top and used on the bottom. They may be in the same box. Return all scratch paper, examiners’ manuals and any other unused materials. DESTROY nothing – we will take care of that, if necessary.

14 New for Spring Examiners’ Manuals –Online and paper and pencil are in one book. –Grade 3 has a separate manual for all subjects. –Grades 4 and 5 are combined for reading and math and grade 5 science. –Grades 6, 7 and 8 are combined for reading and math and grade 8 science. –There is a separate content specific history manual which includes all grades. –For EOC there is a separate manual for each discipline.

15 Continued Pages are tabbed for online, paper/pencil, and any special forms. All examiners manuals can be found online at VDOE, Division of Student Assessment, 2008-2009 Manuals The Test Implementation Manual is found there also.

16 Required Breaks Grade 3 – A reading break is required Two parts of the test may be administered on the same day with a 15 minute break OR Two parts may be administered on TWO different days Grades 4 and 5 reading do not allow for breaks in the testing Grades 4 and 5 math have a break between the parts Part 1 – calculator use Part 2 – no calculator use

17 Math Break This can be just collecting the calculators as each student finishes or it can be a formal break. If it is a formal break, then all the booklets, answer documents and scratch paper must be collected. Students should not talk or discuss the test and must be under supervision at all times.

18 TERM GRADUATES Only term graduates get three attempts at the test Remediation MUST be provided to any term graduate prior to being administered a test beyond expedited retakes Students must not be tested in the same content in the same day – remediation for expedited retakes

19 Recovery and repeaters Any student who is repeating a grade and retaking the SOL is NOT a recovery student. Any student who has taken an EOC or SOL test needs to have a testing status 9 – already passed the test For online – place in one session and mark all at one time Be sure to give me a list of retests at the HS so I can be sure they are marked in Pearson.

20 TRAINING EXAMINERS MANDATORY for anyone involved in a test session – proctors also A handout is NOT sufficient Get principal support if needed Teachers are preferred where possible Emphasize the seriousness of monitoring the students Examiners MUST follow the script in the manual - VERBATIM.

21 Continued Make sure all examiners/proctors understand the test security agreement and have read the information PRIOR to signing the agreement No one can serve as an examiner if the security agreement is not signed. Once a test is in the room you are in a testing session and nothing but the manual can be used – no prep talk after you have the test.

22 STC Checklist: Training examiners at your school Counting materials when received Creating and sharing the testing schedule Place labels on answer documents – missing one – call me Answer documents – student names are written on the inside and back of ALL of them Must have an answer document for EVERY student in the class. FORM NUMBERS MUST be on all answer documents for scoring.

23 SPECIAL FORMS Examiners’ copies that accompany large print and Braille are not the same as manuals and are considered SECURE. These must be returned to Pearson. Review the list of manipulatives in the manual for calculator use and other courses NO multiplication charts per VDOE

24 Calculator accommodation See testing memo #720 Student must qualify Not just because the student is below grade level Must have a reason to be unable to work out mathematical calculations Accommodations provide access

25 Scratch Paper Place for students to do work – NOT support instructional strategies Single color – not support color-coding strategies Only one color highlighter/pencil Patty paper – paper/pencil only No paper on screens – teach to use online tools All scratch paper must be collected and have the students name on the paper Examiners are to give out paper or check students’ paper to be sure NOTHING is on it prior to testing All book bags, books, etc are to be on the floor or in the corner NO ELECTRONIC devices of any type – cell, IPOD, etc.

26 IRREGULARITIES If you have an irregularity – investigate, gather all the information you can, call me and fill out the irregularity form in the manual. FAX the form to me. 434-432-9560 Call me when you fax it. Remember if I have to contact VDOE, the sooner I have the information to report, the sooner we get a response and can retest if needed.

27 continued ALWAYS, if you have a question as to whether or not it is an irregularity – CALL ME before you do anything. Special accommodations – if one is not used, call me. Wrong test booklet to wrong student – call me. Better to ask and be safe than not ask and have a reprimand by VDOE.

28 SOL DAY Instructions *Use transmittal forms to sign test tickets, booklets and answer documents out and back in *Put the do not disturb sign on your door *Monitor students while they are testing *Give one piece of scratch paper at a time *Students must sign test ticket, scratch paper and formula sheets. EVERYTHING must be collected.

29 Continued *No cell phones or other electronic devices allowed in the testing room. *Book bags and other belongings should be placed at the front of the room. *If a student must leave the room, he/she must be escorted. Give bathroom time before testing begins. *After testing, alphabetize test tickets, answer documents, test booklets, scratch paper and formula sheets. Double check to be sure you have one for every student. Turn in a list of absent students. If a student is exited from the test, notify the STC so the test can be resumed.

30 Continued Math teachers are responsible for clearing the memory on all calculators used during testing. If students are moved from one room to another, they must be monitored and cannot talk. Their test booklet and answer document should be turned in with the proper group. Thank you for all of your help in making test day a success.

31 CONTACTS Wanda Vaughan 432-2761 x 3132 792-1624 x 3132 656-6248 x 3132 FAX: 432-9560 Judy Stickel – same as above ext. 3166 Cell Phones: Vaughan PCS: 434-251-2716 Vaughan Personal: 434-429-9599

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