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TESTING PROGRAM: SCHOOL: GRADE(S): DATES:. PROGRAM OVERVIEW Insert overview from the program guide.

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2 PROGRAM OVERVIEW Insert overview from the program guide.

3 Testing Administration Schedule Day XX Date: XXXX Grade(s)SubjectSession #Minutes (Insert appropriate information for your school, listing each testing date; add additional charts if necessary including make-up sessions)

4 Students To Be Tested List specific student eligibility criteria provided in the program guide You may copy any applicable slide(s) from the test chairperson’s training presentation.

5 Accommodations List specific guidelines provided in the program guide

6 Role of Test Administrators Attend school-site training Must be administrative or instructional staff Maintain security of all testing materials received Maintain documentation on students testing Conduct the testing session Adhere to test directions and standardized administration procedures Keep detailed records of any testing irregularities and report any such incidents to the principal or test chairperson.

7 Role of Test Proctors Attend school-site training meeting Assist test administrator during the test administration Parents and community volunteers may not handle test materials or proctor their child’s testing session Report any testing irregularities or breaches of security to the principal or test chairperson.

8 Preparation for Testing  Know the testing schedule  Know lunch schedule arrangements  Familiarize yourself with the administration manual  Know where to send students who arrive late or will not be tested  Prepare your testing room Remove visual aids Plan the seating Check lighting Arrange desks for sufficient space between students Check clock and public address systems are working  Complete a seating chart for each session

9 Receiving and Handling Materials Count and sign-out all testing materials Handout test materials individually to each student Use the class list to record the security number of the test booklet and/or answer sheet assigned to each student Keep testing materials secure and out of reach of students at all times (i.e., locked cabinet or desk drawer) DO NOT examine or copy any secure test materials before, during, or after test administration

10 Sample Sign In/Out Sheet Insert a copy of your school’s sign-out sheet

11 Administering the Test Follow school procedures to ensure students do not have access to any electronic device during standardized testing Staff must turn off all electronic devices Read scripts VERBATIM – No paraphrasing Direct your attention to students at all times; move around the room during testing Keep accurate time Collect testing materials directly from each student Grid accommodations, invalidations, or absent codes as applicable

12 Invalidations  Circumstances  Answer document is defective  Student is cheating or disruptive during testing  Student becomes ill and cannot complete testing session  Administration of test was mistimed Review program guide for specifics. Report any incidents to Test Chairperson immediately so appropriate action may be taken.

13 Return of Materials Count all test materials Indicate students for makeup sessions Return materials to the test chairperson immediately after testing session Sign in materials with test chairperson Complete and return all required forms Report any testing irregularities or security violations to test chairperson immediately

14 Test Security Guidelines All testing rooms must be prepared to provide all students with appropriate testing conditions. All testing materials must be counted and signed out for on the count form by each test administrator. All testing materials must be passed out and collected from each student individually. Test administrators must read the directions verbatim from the testing manual/program guide. All unused (extra) testing materials must be secured at all times. Test administrators and proctors must keep their attention on students at ALL times by circulating the testing room to ensure all security guidelines are adhered to. Test administrators and proctors should not be engaging in any other activities that will distract them from supervising test takers such as reading books or newspapers, using computers, correcting homework/class work, or engaging in conversations. Possession by students or the use by staff during the session of cell phones, text messaging devices and/or any other electronic devices is prohibited. School and district personnel are prohibited from examining or copying secure test materials. All testing materials collected from students must be kept out of the student’s reach and must be secured at all times. Florida State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.042, was developed to meet the requirements of the test security statute, Section 1008.24, F.S., and applies to anyone involved in the administration of a statewide assessment

15 Testing Materials, Signs and Forms MATERIALS  Class list  Student Pre-ID Labels  Calculators/rulers  No. 2 pencils  Clock with second hand  Chalkboard or Overhead Projector (to write starting and stopping times)  Testing manual  Test booklets  Answer/header sheets SIGNS TO BE POSTED IN CLASS  Session Header Sheet  Do Not Disturb Sign  Electronic Devices Sign FORMS TO BE RETURNED TO TEST CHAIR  Student Absence/Invalidation Log  Security Log  Seating Chart Refer to the program guide for required materials

16 SAMPLE SEATING CHART WINDOWWINDOW WINDOWWINDOW Jorge Melissa NicholeMichaelSean Tangelo Chris Barbie Jean Natasha Tamika Bianca Door Teacher Desk Melvin YidaEstebanAnthony Daisy Gaby Bart XXX JeromeLisa XXX Jeff

17 Reminders Verify class lists are accurate Encourage student attendance Pick up materials in Room _____ between _ _ : _ _ and _ _:_ _

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