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3 HCA Virginia: 5 th Largest Private Employer Our Employees Over 30,000 covered lives enrolled in our medical benefit plans $77.8 million in annual medical spend

4 Why should chambers and businesses engage in the healthcare discussion? Health Care = 215,000 Virginia Jobs

5 Why should chambers and businesses engage in the healthcare discussion?


7 $5,601 $3,634 $11,385 20022011 Employer Contribution Employee Contribution $19,393 $9,235 $8,008$8,008 103% 120%

8 Why should chambers and businesses engage in the healthcare discussion?


10 Opportunities for Chamber Participation in the Healthcare Discussion  Public Policy  Member Education  Programs/Events  Community Partnerships  Leadership by Example

11 Public Policy  Do you have a Health Care policy position?  Do you have health care/insurance professionals on your policy committee?  Some Key Issues: Medicaid Reform/Expansion Factors Driving Health Care Costs Health Benefits Exchange Workers Compensation

12 Why Businesses Should Care About Medicaid Medicaid could become available to employees of small businesses who currently do not offer coverage, creating healthier more productive employees. Without this coverage, uninsured Virginians utilize high cost, inefficient care for their needs – hospital emergency rooms. The costs of this care are borne by hospitals and are passed on to those with insurance. Cost-shifting raises the insurance rates that businesses and their employees pay. Virginian’s will pay $10.2 Billion in taxes between 2014-2018 to help fund ACA but will get no benefit. Without Medicaid expansion, businesses with 50 employees or greater whose employees are between 100-138% of the FPL who enroll in the HBE will cause “shared responsibility” tax penalties estimated to total $40-60 million annually starting in 2017. The economic impact of expanding Medicaid in Virginia = a $3.9 billion boost to the economy through jobs and spending.

13 Member Education


15 Why Businesses Should Implement A Wellness Program Poor health costs the U.S. economy $576 billion a year. Of that amount, $227 billion is due to lost efficiency from absenteeism and sick employees underperforming due to illness. Integrated Benefits Institute 72% of the dollars spent on health care are from the treatment of disease and illnesses that could have been prevented. CDC A review of 36 peer review studies of wellness programs in large firms found that average employer medical costs fell $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and costs for days that employees were absent fell on average of $2.73. * A 2005 analysis of 56 published studies of health promotion programs resulted in an overall reduction of about 25 percent in sick leave, health plan costs and workers comp and disability costs.* *Health Policy Brief, Health Affairs, May 10, 2012

16 How HCA is Managing Their Own Covered Lives GENERAL STATS 15,321 members 62% Female (Avg. 37 Yrs Old) 38% Male (Avg. 34 Yrs Old) HEALTH STATUS 76% Healthy 10% Episodic 14% Chronic HIGH COST MEMBERS 10% of Population 70% of Total Spend 747 Diabetics 115 COPD 85 CHF 116 Morbid Obesity 482 Asthma CENTRAL VIRGINIA ONLY Biometric Screenings H2U Health Coaching Physician Led RN Care Managers

17 Special Programs and Events Insurance offerings Affinity Programs Competitions: “Biggest Loser”, “Healthy Business Challenge” Health Expos

18 Competitions Need Some Incentive to Lose Weight? Join the 3-month Biggest Loser (BL) competition at Nova! Here are the details: The competition will last 12 weeks (January 31 st - April 25 th ). Weekly Thursday Weigh-Ins. Participants in each location will weigh in with their site’s BL point of contact at the same time every week. $20 cash buy-in must be paid to your site’s BL point of contact before or during your first weigh in on Jan. 31 st. Weekly rankings will be determined by weight loss percentage. Weekly rankings and percentages will be sent in a weekly email to all participants. This list will have names and percentage of weight lost for that week and in total, not your actual weight. *36 initial participants, 16 went through the entire 12 week program and lost a cumulative 103 pounds. The winner lost 30 pounds and won $720. Courtesy of Nova Medical Group

19 Community Partnerships Heath care providers Local Government Schools Nonprofits/community organizations

20 Community Partnerships

21 Lead By Example

22 Questions?


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