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----------The Speakers---------- and their messages.

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1 ----------The Speakers---------- and their messages

2 Craig Kielburger Founder of Kids Can Free the Children, Craig opened our eyes to what the world is like outside our sheltered lives. He spoke of a young girl, who was forced to work, taking apart syringes with her bare hands. He spoke of a boy, who gave everything he had, his shirt, in thanks for what Craig had done. It is this selfless giving that we all need to learn. “It doesn’t matter if you’re working internationally or in your own back yard, we must go back to our homes, our churches and share the spirit…the spirit of ubuntu!

3 Pastor David Vasquez Everyone has a bellybutton, no matter how important or famous. It is our reminder of God’s sense of humor and our reminder that life is a gift. It reminds us that we can’t make it on our own. “God chooses us at baptism not for our own sake, but for the sake of the world. Because life’s a gift, we can DO LIFE.”

4 Pastor Rob Bell, Jr. Jesus came and turned the whole system upside-down. He did not chose the “best of the best.” He chose the losers, those who didn’t make the cut, those who were simply doing the family business to be his disciples. And they “changed the world and are the reason you’re sitting here tonight.” You may feel like a loser, but Jesus chooses the losers, the rejects to speak his word. “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi, Jesus!!” In Jesus’ time, if you were the best of the best, you got to be one of a highly selective group of boys who followed a rabbi wherever he went. Everything the rabbi did, he was followed by a pack of his disciples. It was a saying of great importance if you were covered by the dust of your rabbi. It meant that you were diligent in following him. You were a good disciple. If you were not the very best of the best, you simply learned the family business. You were not good enough to be a disciple. “You of the JV, B team, come follow me. You, loser, follow me.”

5 Ken Medema sings One thing that really touched us was Ken Medema’s singing. After each speaker, Ken would sit at the piano and play from his heart, completely making it up as he went. He always tied in the themes of the speaker, and when he played, chills ran down my spine, especially when he sang after Pastor Rob Bell Jr. spoke. By the way, he is blind. If you look around at the people in your town who are the best of the best, And you look at yourself in the mirror and you say to yourself I am not so blest. I am a loser, there’s not much, there’s not much that I can do. And then you hear the voice of your rabbi calling, Calling you. You may feel like you’re a loser and you’re no one at all, And every time you try to be brave You try to stand and then you fall. You look around you And you put yourself down. Isn’t that what you do? And all at once you hear the voice of your rabbi. He’s calling you. And you’re covered with the dust; Got it on your face and on your hands. Oh, you’re covered with his dust As you walk, walk through the land. And it’s you who will change the world, And it’s you who hear his call, And it’s you who will follow him closest of all. Dust on your hands, dust on your face. Follow your master, all over the place. You may not be the best of the best, But you will follow your rabbi, everywhere. I am not my own, I belong to You. So hard to cope, so hard to survive In a cold and empty world. But there’s one truth that keeps me alive, A hope that’s clear and true, That hope is You And I am not my own, I belong to You. I am not my own, I belong to You. To you, my faithful Savior You have called me, you have claimed me I belong to You. I can’t explain how belonging to you can make me truly free But I remain in the joy that I knew when I first came to see Your love for me. There still are questions running in my mind There still are answers I can’t find Though these anxieties may come and go There’s one truth that I can know: Oh, I am not my own, I belong to you I am not my own, I belong to You, TO you, my faithful Savior. You have called me, you have claimed me. I belong… You have called, and claimed me. I belong… sung after Pastor Rob Bell, Jr. spoke sung after Pastor David Vasquez spoke by James Ward

6 Pastor Alise D. Barrymore Pastor Barrymore went from avoiding water at all costs after a bad first swimming experience, to snorkeling in the Caribbean. All she needed was the right equipment and all of the instructions! “God has given you everything you need!” “We’re not going to turn the world upside down, we’re going to turn the world right side up!!!” Now go swimming!!! “Did you ever feel like someone didn’t give you all of the instructions?”

7 Pastor Barbara Lundblad Get that slogan off of your T- shirt and under your skin! “How do we get Ubuntu off of our T-shirts and under our skin? Into our hearts? Our hands and feet?” “We have borrowed a word that already had meaning before we brought it to Atlanta. We don’t want to go home with it just as a slogan.”

8 Service prep

9 Service Project (1/2)

10 Service Project (2/2)

11 We had fun too….

12 Ok, we had LOTS of fun…

13 Fun Pictures

14 Waiter Wayne!

15 Sleepy Pictures!!!

16 MORE Sleepy Pictures! We don’t know these people!

17 Evening Activities

18 SUMO Wrestling!

19 Last Worship

20 Goodbye Georgia Dome and goodbye Atlanta… “Come just as you are. When you show up, we are changed.” “It’s Jesus’ feast and you’re invited. I got up early and checked the guest list and your name is on it.”

21 Meeting Ken Medema

22 Worship Back Home The End!

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