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Prepared for Enterprise Community Partners. Enterprise Community Partners | 2GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living How We Live Affects Our Health We.

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1 Prepared for Enterprise Community Partners

2 Enterprise Community Partners | 2GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living How We Live Affects Our Health We Buy & Use Products We Attract Pests We Smoke Bring In Allergens … but, we can create healthier homes!

3 Enterprise Community Partners | 3GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Danger: Most dangerous products. Can be fatal or very harmful. Often corrosive, extremely flammable, highly toxic or poisonous. Commercial toilet-bowl, oven and drain cleaners. Caution or Warning: Less harmful than Danger. Can cause risk like burn or breathing issues. Irritants: Can cause injury or inflammation on contact. Avoid Products With Labels Indicating Harm

4 Enterprise Community Partners | 4GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Bleach Drain OpenerGeneral CleanerAerosol Disinfectant Healthy Living Exercise 1: Reading the Labels

5 Enterprise Community Partners | 5GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Whitening: Never use undiluted chlorine bleach or ammonia. Choose: Unscented, concentrated, biodegradable Non-Toxic Low or No-VOC GreenSeal Certified Design for the Environment Make Your Own Cleaner: Use vinegar, soap, water, baking soda and other non toxic ingredients. Pick Green Cleaning Products

6 Enterprise Community Partners | 6GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living $6 for ingredients & container Less harmful $13 for typical products Can be “harmful” or “dangerous” Green Cleaning Benefits Homemade GreenTraditional Cleaners

7 Enterprise Community Partners | 7GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Green May Save Money $$ – Cost per Month

8 Enterprise Community Partners | 8GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Home Made Green Recipes

9 Enterprise Community Partners | 9GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Only wash full loads of laundry Wash in cold water Use hydrogen peroxide, or white distilled vinegar instead of chlorine bleach to whiten clothes Clean lint after dryer use Green Laundry Tips

10 Enterprise Community Partners | 10GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Mold & MoistureCockroachesTobacco Smoke Dust mitesCockroach FecesMice Feces Avoid Asthma Triggers

11 Enterprise Community Partners | 11GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Breath through straw for 30 seconds If you have breathing issues or faint at any point, please discontinue How does it feel? Healthy Living Exercise 3: Breathing w. Asthma

12 Enterprise Community Partners | 12GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Pests Report pest problems Use good housekeeping Cooperate with pest professionals Moisture & Mold Report leaks (plumbing, roof, toilets) Use bath & kitchen fans Smoke Free Housing Explore smoke free policies Start with a tenant survey How Can We Reduce Asthma Triggers?

13 Enterprise Community Partners | 13GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Asthma trigger Bites & disease Spurs use of pesticides, which are often misused. Avoid foggers. Health Risks From Pests

14 Enterprise Community Partners | 14GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Resident Role Use good housekeeping Report pests to property manager Prepare units for treatment Don’t use illegal or ineffective pesticides Don’t bring in used furniture Property Manager Role Provide good trash storage & property maintenance Hire Integrated Pest Management contractor Monitor for pests Respond to work orders IPM treats both symptoms (ex: pests) AND source (i.e. trash or mess) that attracts the pests. Maintaining IPM is a team effort between: Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

15 Enterprise Community Partners | 15GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living What Do You Know About Pests?

16 Enterprise Community Partners | 16GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Mice These are mice feces. Report Pest Problems? What Type of Pest?

17 Enterprise Community Partners | 17GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Cockroaches These are cockroach feces, called “frass”. Report Pest Problems? What Type of Pest?

18 Enterprise Community Partners | 18GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Mice Mice created this hole to enter the home. Note the chew marks. Report Pest Problems? What Type of Pest?

19 Enterprise Community Partners | 19GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Bed Bugs Note the small brownish stains. Bed bugs like to live in the mattress or furniture. Report Pest Problems? What Type of Pest?

20 Enterprise Community Partners | 20GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Food & dirt can attract cockroaches, mice and other pests. Poor Housekeeping Attracts Pests

21 Enterprise Community Partners | 21GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Clean sink & counters means there is nothing for pests to eat or drink. A Cleaner Kitchen Attracts Fewer Pests

22 Enterprise Community Partners | 22GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Property Managers should use IPM methods Reduce food, water that attracts them. Use baits & gel, NOT sprays –Won’t work if contaminated by strong-smelling cleaners or other chemicals, pesticide sprays or foggers or nicotine from cigarette smoke. –Use in every room. Tenants are key partners. Gel BaitBait Station Effective IPM Cockroach Control

23 Enterprise Community Partners | 23GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Use kitchen & bath fans Don’t over use humidifiers Report plumbing leaks Tenants Can Help Minimize Moisture Problems

24 Enterprise Community Partners | 24GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Healthy Living Tobacco smoke creates health risks Cancer Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Heart Disease Smoking creates odors & can cause fires Explore: Start with a tenant survey. Ask do you want to live in a smoke free environment? The majority of tenants want smoke free. Explore Smoke Free Housing

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