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Clothing Care and Laundry Products

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1 Clothing Care and Laundry Products
Apparel Development 1 Objectives 7.01 and 8.01

2 Every day laundry care Hang it up Fold it Put it away
Check for stains and repairs

3 Storing out of season clothing
Clean Dry (so no mildew) Storage boxes (not plastic) Do NOT hang sweaters Pest protector (moth balls)

4 Sorting Clothes Color Fabric Type (light weight, knits)
Washing method (gentle, regular) Water temperature (cold is good)

5 Before Washing Pockets Fastener Closures

6 Drying clothes Fabric Type

7 Laundry Products

8 Removes Stains Before washing = prewash Whitens, brightens = bleach
Safe on colored clothing = non-chlorine bleach (clorox 2, vivid) Protein stains = presoak

9 Laundry Products Controls and eliminates bacteria = disinfectant
Stiffens fabric = starch Reduce static electricity = fabric softener (in rinse cycle or dryer)

10 Stain removal Blood = cold water soak Remove gum = ice and scrape
Pen ink = hair spray

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