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Welcome to Alligator® Ready SetTM Staple LIGHT-DUTY BELT FASTENER SYSTEMS

2 Applications Ideal for light- and medium-duty conveyor applications including: Package Handling Baggage Handling Cased Goods Parts Food Agricultural Products

3 Selection Guide Fastener Size Operating Tension Range kN/m (P.I.W.)
Belt Thickness Range mm (in.) Minimum Pulley Diameter mm (in.) RS62 17 (100) (1/16-18) 50 (2) RS125 28 (160) (1/8-3/16) 75 (3) RS187 35 (200) (3/16-1/4) 100 (4)

4 Fastener Metal Selection
Steel – Standard fastener material is suitable for most applications. Plated for rust and corrosion resistance. Stainless Steel – Type 316 provides extra resistance to abrasion, magnetic attraction, and corrosion from acids and chemicals. Also excellent for high-sanitary requirements.

5 Fastener Metal Selection
MegAlloy® - Superior resistance to wear and abrasion, providing several times the service life of steel. Not recommended where subject to impact or corrosion. Magnetic Stainless Type 430 – For use with magnetic separators, and provides resistance to wear and abrasion. Plate, staples and hinge pins are all constructed from magnetic stainless steel.

6 Hinge Pin Selection Wide selection makes it easy to match the correct hinge pin to the needs of your application. Nylon Covered Steel Cable – Nylon covering reduces corrosion and simplifies hinge pin insertion. Nylon Covered Stainless Steel Cable – For greater corrosion resistance. Steel Spring Wire – For flat belt conveyors carrying abrasive or gritty materials. Stainless Steel Spring Wire – For use with stainless steel fasteners.

7 Features & Benefits One-piece fastener strips prevent individual parts from getting into conveyed product. Pre-inserted staples reduce installation time by eliminating the need to handle and load individual staples.

8 Features & Benefits Smooth, unrippled joint simplifies hinge pin insertion. Extended plate design separates the point of staple penetration from the line of belt flexing, eliminating splice fatigue. Strong splice that resists impact damage.

9 Features & Benefits Staples penetrate between carcass fibers without severing them. Staples are clinched crosswise to prevent belt tension from pulling against and unclinching staples.

10 Features & Benefits Installation requires only a hammer and lightweight installation tool. Tool can easily be carried to and from the job site. Simply fit the fastener strip onto the belt ends and secure the tool.

11 Alligator® RSC187 Installation Tool
Holds fasteners securely in proper alignment. Guides staples as they are driven. Installs two staples simultaneously. Provides a solid anvil surface for initial staple clinching.

12 Alligator® RSC187 Installation Tool
RSC187 comes complete with guide blocks and driver. Standard tool can be used to install all three fastener sizes. Available in sizes to match a variety of belt widths. Wider tools available for production lacing and fabrication shops.

13 Alligator® Quad Staple Driver
The Quad Staple Driver allows for the installation of four staples at one time. Allows installers to reduce their installation time by 50%.

14 Alligator® Ready Set™ Tool Kit
Everything needed to install Alligator® Ready Set™ fasteners in a lightweight, easy-to-carry toolbox. Includes RSC187 tool, staple set plate, hand skiver, belt nippers and a 0.5kg (1 lb.) hammer.

15 Staple Setting Plate Use the staple setting plate to achieve a smooth, finished splice. Heat-treated steel plate puts the finishing set on staples. Features countersunk bolt holes for easy mounting.

16 Rough-Top Belt Skiver For quick and clean removal of rough top from light- and medium-duty belting. Permits lower fastener installation to minimize splice profile. Durable. Hand-operated tool.

17 Alligator® Hinge Pin Cutter
Cuts bulk hinge pin cable quickly and easily. Provides a clean cut with no frayed ends.

18 Hinge Pin Retaining Washers
Retaining washers prevent migration of nylon covered cable hinge pins.

19 Hinge Pin Bender For use with steel spring wire pins.
Bends hinge pin end to prevent pin migration.

20 Ready Set™ Staple Guide Blocks
It is easy to convert the standard C187 Alligator® Installation Tool to Alligator® Ready Set™. Simply replace standard guide blocks with the ST5-5 staple guide block.

21 Clipper® 845LD Belt Cutter
For straight, clean and safe cuts on belts up to 12mm (1/2”) thick. Shielded, double-edged safety blade. Blade can be chain-drive from either end of the cutter. Removable clamp bars hold belts securely.

22 Alligator® 300 Series Belt Cutter
Delivers clean, straight cuts quickly and safely. Double-edged blade cuts in either direction. For belts of any width up to 28mm (1-1/8”) thick. Extra-long blade can be special ordered for belts up to 39mm (1-9/16”) thick.



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