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Standards of Apprenticeship Presented by: John L. Mack SVP, Tidewater Builders Association.

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1 Standards of Apprenticeship Presented by: John L. Mack SVP, Tidewater Builders Association

2 What is Apprenticeship? Formalized, structured training On-the job training & related instruction One to six years long Wage progression Certified journey-level workers

3 Benefits of Apprenticeship Provide employees who are: Credentialed & licensed Motivated & leaders Loyal & long-term Quality trained specifically for the local market Apprenticeship will increase: Cost savings due to higher quality work Professionalism Safety Employee retention

4 Motivated & Leaders

5 Benefits to Apprentices Value to apprentice includes: Built-in raises Higher wages Learn as you earn Higher quality of life Nationally recognized credentials Job security Higher education

6 Key Players Advisory Committee (TMHC members) Apprent. Related Instruction Provider (Tidewater Community College) Registration Agency (VA Dept. of Labor & Industry) Sponsor (Tidewater Builders Association) ApprenticesEmployers

7 Sponsor Program development File management Operate program Enforce Standards Report to Registration Agency Sponsor (Tidewater Builders Association) Provide related instruction

8 Advisory Committee Identify local industry needs Program support Participating employer Advisory Committee (TMHC members)

9 Apprenticeship Related Instruction (ARI) Provider Help develop RI curriculum Articulation agreements Approve RI curriculum ARI Provider (Tidewater Community College)

10 Registration Agency Help develop Standards Register apprentices Register program Registration Agency (VA Dept. of Labor & Industry ) Monitor program Award credential

11 Employers Employ apprentices Adhere to Standards On-the-job training Employers

12 Apprentices Meet eligibility requirements Participate in OJT and RI Employed with an employer Apprentices

13 Seed Funding Funded by Department of Labor Administered by the Home Builders Institute Four pilot projects Increase recruitment into registered apprenticeship

14 Getting Started Form Advisory Committee Develop Standards Register program Hire instructors Develop curriculum Recruit apprentices Start program

15 TBA’s Facilities Maintenance Repair Apprenticeship Model for Standards 4,000 hours of OJT & 288 hours of RI 2-year apprenticeship Courses delivered at Tidewater Builders Association Classes Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. HBI Instructor Certification Residential Construction Academy

16 Tidewater Builders Association

17 Standards of Apprenticeship

18 Residential Construction Academy (RCA) Series

19 On-the-Job Training HOURS WORK EXPERIENCE 40 Customer Service 74 Safety 74 Tools & Equipment 100 Pest Prevention 1,648 HVAC 4 Trash Compactors 900 Electrical Wiring 4 Elevators 220 Painting 400 Plumbing 120 Appliance Repair & Replacement 96 Groundskeeping & Trash Removal 320 Carpentry 4,000 TOTAL HOURS

20 On-the-Job Training



23 Related Instruction HOURS COURSES 18 Customer Service Skills and Organization of Work Skills 18 Applied Safety Rules 24 Fasteners, Tools and Equipment 24 Practical Electrical Theory 24 Electrical Facilities Maintenance 24 Carpentry 24 Surface Painting 24 Plumbing 24 HVAC Systems 24 EPA/CFC Certification 18 Appliance, Trash Compactors Repair and Replacement 18 Pest Prevention and Groundskeeping 24 Basic Math for Facilities Maintenance Technicians 24 Blueprint Reading for Facilities Maintenance Technicians 312 TOTAL HOURS

24 Classroom Instruction

25 Computer Lab

26 Shop


28 Interim Credentialing Credit for related instruction hours Seamless career pathway between pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship Earn college credit leading to a certificate or associates degree Job Corps

29 Funding Local workforce investment board (WIB) Employer contribution/reimbursement Payroll deduction Grants

30 Questions??

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