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2 Introduction Internal Temperature Setpoints – CIBSE Guide A External Temperatures – ASHRAE handbook Finalised heating, cooling and electrical load

3 Building Sustainability Data Centre Design Alternative Energy Sources  Solar, Biomass, Wind, Heat Pump  Combined Heat and Power Electric Vehicles Smart Metering Triple Glazing Lighting Design

4 Building Safety and Security Fire Safety Building Security Building Regulations and Compliance

5 Ventilation Importance of Ventilation Ventilation types considered:  Natural  Mechanical  Mixed Mode Only occupied rooms were ventilated

6 Air Conditioning Plant Air conditioning plant considered:  Local  Centralised  Partially Centralised Centralised systems considered:  Variable Air Volume  Displacement Ventilation  Constant Volume Reasons for selection of VAV

7 Diffusers Location  Suspended Ceiling Selection Method  Room Dimensions  Comfort Criteria  Flow rate Swirl Diffusers  Uniform air flow

8 Ducts and Fans Ducts sized based on flow rate Fans sized using index circuit  Equal Pressure Drop method Kitchen and Basement ventilation  Separate extract system Insulation around ducts

9 CHP Sokratherm GG140 Compact CHP Unit Running from October – April each year Electrical Savings Versus Grid:€38,500 Heating Savings Versus a Boiler:€23,150 Payback Period:5.44 years

10 Heating Control

11 Cooling Control Cooling control similar to heating control, except with chillers instead of the heating supply. Highest cooling demand shall be catered for. VAV will reduce air supply. Trace Heating. Energy use is kept to a minimum by use of EC pumps and fans

12 Transformer Sizing Max Electrical Load: 650kVA Transformer Sized: 800kVA 3 Phase Delta/Star Connection Siemens GEAFOL: Cast-Resin Insulation  Self Extinguishing  Low Maintenance

13 Summer Design:  Worst Case Cooling  Design for Coolest Room  Ambient Temperature: 34 o C Winter Design:  Worst Case Heating  Design for Warmest Room  Ambient Temperature: -34 o C Psychrometric Analysis

14 Free Cooling Kyoto Cooling Air Handler Capital Cost: €153000 Cooling Power of: 90kW Full Load Power Requirement: 45kW Unfeasible Option

15 Datacentre System Hot Aisle: Cold Aisle Recirculated Air Only Constant Volume Maximum 2 Occupants Maintains Setpoint During Possibility of Server Fault

16 Lighting & Safety Strategy Everyday Lighting Emergency Lighting Escape Routes Fire Detection & Suppression System

17 Everyday Lighting Recessed T5 Efficiency DIALux Control  Motion Sensors  Photo Sensors

18 Emergency Lights & Escape Route Ceiling Mounted DIALux  Escape Route  Emergency Lights Requirements  1 lux on route  0.5 at Edges

19 Heat Detection & Fire Suppression Heat Detectors  12m Apart  5m from Walls Fire Suppression  Water Mist System  Foam System in Basement (TGD F)  Break Glass Units  Smoke Control System

20 Building Regulations Check Full Compliance with the Irish Building Regulations. Sound  All air diffusers selected to meet noise limits  Sound attenuators provided for:  Call Centres  Conference Room  Meeting Room  Training Room

21 Building Regulations Check Ventilation  Sufficient fresh air provided for all occupants  Special attention given to toilets, kitchen & canteen.  Filtration to remove dust from supply air  Dedicated extraction system for basement Conservation of Energy  Insulated floors, external walls & internal partitions  BMS setup to minimise energy consumption

22 Building Regulations Check Fire Safety  2 means of escape for all occupants  One fire-rated lift for evacuation of disabled occupants  5 fire compartments (each floor plus basement)  Two extraction fans in basement plus foam suppression system  External hard standings required for fire services

23 Conclusions Most efficient ventilation system to be installed All internal conditions in accordance with guidelines CHP chosen as the most economical power source Comfortable & efficient lighting Complies with all Building Regulations.

24 Data One, St. Petersburg Thank you for your time. We will now answer any questions you may have.

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